23 November 2012

Review: Double Time - Olivia Cunning

Double Time by Olivia Cunning
erotic romance ⎪ adult ⎪ #5 (published third) in the Sinners series ⎪ published Nov 2012 ⎪ bought my print copy

The Sinners
1. Backstage Pass - Brian
2. Rock Hard - Sed
3. Hot Ticket (#4) - Jace
4. Snared - Eric
5. Double Time (#3) - Trey

"Double Time", the third book in The Sinners series, is a book I was super excited to read. The Sinners books belong to my favourite erotic romances so of course I had high expectations for this new book. And I was not disappointed by it, not at all. "Double Time" turned out to be a book that put me under a special kind of spell. Was it perfect? Maybe not. But I honestly do not care about the little flaws the book might contain. Because "Double Time" made me feel so much love, so much passion and so many other wonderful things. It is a very emotional, sensual and hot book that touched me deeply. And that's all that matters. I enjoyed every second I spent with the book and I'm sure that I will reread it in the future. For me it was that good.

"Double Time" tells the story of Trey. He meets and falls in love with female guitarist Reagan. He loves her deeply but still craves the touch of a man. He can't deny his bisexual longings, but fears to lose Reagan once he tells her about it. Then there's Ethan, he's a good friend of Reagan who wants more from her, and from Trey once he gets to know him. Trey, Reagan and Ethan's relationship is either a recipe for disaster or the start to something wonderful. I think it's not hard to guess that of course they make their special relationship work.

With threesome relationships I always want to feel an equal amount of love between the three partners, and in "Double Time" that worked for me perfectly. I was able to believe in the love between Trey, Reagan and Ethan, I was able to believe that they could be happy in their special kind of relationship. At times the scenes between them were wonderfully emotional, most times while reading I had a big fat grin on my face or a dreamy look. :) To see how three strong people make their love and passion for each work was just beautiful and made me happy.

I loved learning more about Trey's brother Dare and his band. I hope that the members of Exodus End will play a major role in a new full novel length series by Olivia Cunning. I just need to know more of them!!! And even though there seem to be some issues between Olivia Cunning and her publisher, "Double Time" is the fifth book in the Sinners series but was published before books #3 and #4, I still hope that they will continue to work together in the future. Because the novels in this series are so good and I want more of that. Btw, in the end it did not bother me, that I got Trey's story before the ones of Eric and Jace.

If you are a fan of hot erotic romances with rock stars, then check out The Sinners. If you are new to this series, I would recommend to start with book #1 and then go on reading. I'm already super excited for "Hot Ticket" which will tell us Jace's story.

Happy Reading!


  1. Love this book impression! Didn't now Double time should be origianlly the 5th of the series - but it was sweet to see Jace and Eric happy too:).
    I'haven't read more threesome books and have been a bit scared at first but it worked perfekt for me. Trey, Reagan and Ethan are so sweet together. Can't wait for Hot Ticket:D.

    1. Me too.
      Threesome stories are a bit hit or miss to me, often authors don't manage to make me believe that the relationship could really work and that there is enough love between all three partners. But this time everything was perfect for me.




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