01 October 2012

The happy reader - a profile

I like to describe myself as a "happy reader" and I guess sometimes people wonder what I mean with this. So that's why I want to clarify things today.

A happy reader (as I understand the term)

  • likes reading happy books, books with a positive vibe and a happy ending
  • enjoys reading about happy people, about characters who at the end of the book (and for most parts of the book) are in a good place of their life
  • loves books that make her smile and laugh a lot
  • just smiles serenely when people look at her with disdain because of her love for happy books, she doesn't care about people who disregard her happy books
  • loves reading lovely romances
  • doesn't want/need too much drama, love triangles and things like that in her books. A good plot and/or love story is enough for her.
  • gets never tired of reading about nice, lovely things
  • is a happy person who likes to wake up with a smile on her face
  • is happy that she is a happy reader :)

Btw, if you want to learn more about another type of reader, namely the anxious reader, click here. The happy and the anxious reader can be the same person! I am both a happy and an anxious reader!


  1. Haha, me too. I'm a happy and anxious reader as well. I love how accurate your profiles are - I always agree with every single point :]

    I especially liked "Is happy that she is a happy reader".
    We're happy readers and proud of it! :D

    1. So true, I'm proud to be a happy reader and nobody can make me feel bad about loving happy books.

  2. I'm not such a happy reader because I like some drama and a good threat in most of my books. But I like happy endings if they match the story. Sometimes an open end is also great (yeh really:)
    But I'm an anxious reader and love to read the end exact at the moment when I've connected to the story (most of my friends don't see the fun *ts*;). After that I'll read on chronological.
    Allthough cliffhangers aren't good for my health and bloodpressure I can see the point - it's a torture and fun at the same time when you'll have to wait for the next part of an exciting series.
    If you think of an anxoius masochistic reader - that's me;)

    1. Lol, the tern "anxious masochistic reader" is brilliant! Sometimes I'm also that way.

  3. I am a happy reader too. Every so often I do like to mix up my genre's .:0) Happy readers unite!!!

    1. Yay, let's unite and take over the world. :)




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