31 October 2012

Reading next #7 - wrap up post

I read the pile of books I showed you in my "Reading next #7" post and now it's time to talk about the books.

The Assassin's Curse - Cassandra Rose Clarke

fantasy, YA
Pirates, assassins and a curse - this books sounds like so much fun and action. Once again I had issues with the writing style, the language used was for my taste a bit too colloquial. This was an ok book for me. If you are interested in the book definitely check out an excerpt before buying the book.

Obernewtyn - Isobelle Carmody

fantasy, SciFi, post-apocalyptic setting, adult
Forbidden enhanced mental abilities are the reason why our heroine is sent to a place called Obernewtyn, there she stumbles right into the middle of a very dangerous situation. The writing style seemed a bit old-fashioned too me, this made it hard to get into a good reading flow. And I could not believe in the world the author created. This was another ok book for me.

Alice in Zombieland - Gena Showalter

paranormal, YA
Alice in Wonderland meets zombies, that's all I need to know about the book. Be warned, this book has absolutely nothing to do with "Alice in Wonderland". Instead it's a pretty typical YA book with paranormal elements (zombies this time), a heroine with special abilities and a bad guy, who is of course a good guy,  she is interested in. The plot and the characters were not without flaws, but the writing style made it easy for me to get lost into the book. That's why I enjoyed the novel even though it was far from perfect and from what I expected.

Alterra - Maxime Chattam

post-apocalyptic, fantasy, YA
It's the end of the world as we know it and three teenagers are fighting hard to survive. I liked that friendship plays an important role in the story, but could not believe in what happened in the post-apocalyptic setting. Some things didn't make any sense to me on a scientific level and that made it hard for me, all in all this was another ok book.

The Spindlers - Lauren Oliver

fantasy, middle grade
The Spindlers have stolen her brother's soul and Liza will do anything to get it back. I loved the first pages of the book, but after page 50 I lost interest in the story. The same happened to me when reading "Delirium" by the author, I guess her worlds and characters just don't have the power to capture my interest for more than a few pages. So this was another ok book for me.

Velveteen - Daniel Marks

horror, YA
A murdered girl and her fight to get revenge on the madman who ended her life. This book took me on one wild, weird and crazy ride. It's definitely not your typical YA book and I enjoyed that a lot. At times I thought that there was too much going on and that there was too much info for the reader, this made it sometimes hard to get into a good reading flow. But still I enjoyed the book and the crazy world Daniel Marks created.

Which good books did you read in the last days?


  1. I really like Gena Showalter's books, but Alice in Zombieland doesn't convince me to read it just because it's YA :( I really like her writing style, so maybe I'll give it a chance.

    1. As long as you don't expect anything too special the book might work for. I really enjoyed the writing style in the book, it was my personal highlight.

  2. I haven't read any of these books, but Alice in Zombieland is on my radar. Enjoy your new month!

    1. Thanks.
      The book was good, but not without flaws and very different to what I expected.

  3. Now I'm even more curious about Velveteen:).
    It's a bit sad that Lauren Olivers' writing style and charas didn't work for you - I really love both. But I have only read her YA books and not her books for children like Liesl and Po or The Spindlers...

    1. I'm also sad about it, especially because I don't know exactly why her way to write doesn't work for me. That always annoys me a lot. :)




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