26 October 2012

Reading next #7 - the new books

A new book pile is waiting to be read and here it is.

The Assassin's Curse - Cassandra Rose Clarke

fantasy, YA
Pirates, assassins and a curse - this books sounds like so much fun and action.

Obernewtyn - Isobelle Carmody

fantasy, SciFi, post-apocalyptic setting, adult
Forbidden enhanced mental abilities are the reason why our heroine is sent to a place called Obernewtyn, there she stumbles right into the middle of a very dangerous situation.

Alice in Zombieland - Gena Showalter

paranormal, YA
Alice in Wonderland meets zombies, that's all I need to know about the book.

Alterra - Maxime Chattam

post-apocalyptic, fantasy, YA
It's the end of the world as we know it and three teenagers are fighting hard to survive.

The Spindlers - Lauren Oliver

fantasy, middle grade
The Spindlers have stolen her brother's soul and Liza will do anything to get it back.

Velveteen - Daniel Marks

horror, YA
A murdered girl and her fight to get revenge on the madman who ended her life.

What are you reading now & next?


  1. I love your photographs, they are really cute :)

    Alice in Zombieland? hahahahaha I've never heard about this one, but I'm definitely going to add it to my TBR pile.

    1. Thanks!
      I hope that the book will be a bit crazy and of course great, so far I heard good things about it.

      Happy Reading!

  2. Mmm there was another book titled Alice in Zombieland in goodreads, so I added both :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the Cover of Velveteen and I'm curious if you are going to recommend it after reading.
    Happy reading!

    Today I'm struggeling through the last 60 Pages of The Storyteller. It's written beautifully but the 'relationship' between the main charas is destroying, depressing and not as it should be between teens (or anyone btw). Maybe I'm harsh but a lot of the messages this book contains are such a 'no go'. The story strikes you right in the heart and you can't get easy away. It's a shame that something written so poetic is so twisted and ill. If you look at GR I am not the only one which is in a mess like this during and after reading.

    1. The book you are reading right now sounds a bit too depressing for my taste. Especially in the darker months I like lighter and happy books. But I will still check out the book, but I don't think that I'm going to read it. ;)

      Happy Reading!

    2. Ok, just read some more on the book and the spoiler I saw in the reviews is a big fat no go for me, I'm going to keep away from the book.

    3. Yes, it's a lot to take in this book. And I have to ask the same question as many others: How can she excuse such an inexcusable thing? I don't get it allthough I unterstand his motives at the end. In my understanding to love someone means to be respectful, careful and on eye level with another. This is one of the wrong-messages-part - and there are more :o.
      And yes, keep away from the book - it's definitly the opposite of happy reading.

      Now I'm back to the Mark of Athena (couldn't read the last days in Englisch because of a flue with massive headache) and enjoy it's funny side.

    4. There's no excuse for what happened in the story and I don't ever believe that people who do that can change into a "good" guy later. So yeah, this book is definitely not for me, it would make me so mad.

      Have fun with "Mark of Athena".

  4. The Assassin's Curse both sounds and looks great, into the evergrowing TBR pile it goes :)

    1. I know that problem, my TBR pile and wish list are always getting bigger instead of smaller. :)

  5. more books!! :D I'm curios about Alice in Wonderland, happy reading!

    1. There are always more. :) Alice in Zombieland is up next, I hope it will be a good book.




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