25 October 2012

Reading next #6 - conclusion post

The books from my "Reading next #6" pile are read and now I want to share my thoughts on the books with you.

Dust Girl - Sarah Zettel
paranormal YA, #1 in a series
This is a story about a girl who is looking for her mom and discovers that she may not be 100% human. The fairies were more traditionally described than I hoped that they would be, and I thought that the book would have more of a dystopian setting than it did. I think this book might be a good choice for all fans of fairies, but it was not for me.

Incarnation - Emma Cornwall
This is a paranormal adult book with vampires, a character from Dracula and a pretty fascinating premise. I'm on page 51 and so far I love it. And I continued to love the book. I loved the strong, fascinating characters and especially the darker aspects of them. There is only a very small romance, but I was ok with it. I hope that this book will turn out to be the first maybe in a trilogy, I want more of Lucy, the world she lives in and Marco and all the other characters.

The knife of never letting go - Patrick Ness
dystopian / Science Fiction from the YA section.
I heard so many good things about this book, I hope that I will also enjoy it. Unfortunately the writing style of this book did not work for me. It made it hard to get into a good reading flow and to really enjoy the story. And I didn't like reading about the main character that much. This book was not for me.

A night like this - Julia Quinn
historical, adult, #2 in the Smythe-Smith series
I loved the first book in this series and hope that this second book will also be very hilarious and lovely. This was a very entertaining and lovely book, I thought that the dramatic side of the book was a bit over the top and wanted more of the romance, but overall this still was a good book.

Der Blutkristall - Jeanine Krock
paranormal, adult, a German book
This is a book with vampires, a stolen jewel and the chase to get it back. The fairies (why are fairies everywhere right now?) played a too important role for my taste and I didn't get a good connection to the characters, this was an ok book for me.

Once every never - Lesley Livingston
YA with time traveling
Time traveling is something I want to read about more and I hope that this book will be fascinating. There was too much going on. You have time-travelling, ancient warriors and an evil guy, in the end one less storyline would have made the book more interesting and better for me. This was another ok book.

Enchanted Ivy - Sarah Beth Durst
fantasy, YA
An Ivy League school with a paranormal spin, this sounds great. This was another ok book for me. I thought that the idea with the alternate, paranormal Princeton was a good idea, but something was missing in the story to truly fascinate me. And just as in the first book by the author I read ("Ice"), I thought that some aspects of the love story were not that good and even a bit creepy.


  1. I was curious about the Sarah Zettel book, I once read a book by her, very very long time ago, about witches. In Dutch.

    1. I you like reading about fairies, this might be a good book for you. Unfortunately fairies and I will never be friends. ;) I think I will check out her book with witches.




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