12 October 2012

Reading next #5 - new books

A new book pile is waiting to be read and here it is. 

Defiance - C.J. Redwine

fantasy/dystopian, YA
A world in which there is a place called Wasteland in which lives a monster. A world in which women have Protectors, this sounds like a great adventure.

The Dark Light - Sara Walsh

paranormal YA
Mysterious lights, a new guy with a fascinating tattoo on his back and a missing brother - this book sounds like it will be thrilling.

The Marked - Inara Scott

paranormal YA, #2 in the Talents series
This book continues to tell the story of teens with special abilities that are schooled at the Delcroix Academy. I enjoyed the first book a lot, so of course I'm excited to read on.

A walk in the park - Jill Mansell

chick lit, adult
I'm excited to find out if this book will be as entertaining, hilarious and full of emotions as I expect it to be.

White Horse - Alex Adams

post-apocalyotic/thriller with horror elements, adult
The book is set in a destroyed world in which a lot of bad things happen. This book is not really what I'm usually reading, but I still want to give it a try.

Shadowfell - Juliet Marillier

fantasy, YA
Magic, an evil king and a fight to end his reign. This will be my first book by Marillier and I'm super excited for it.

Shades of Grey - Jasper Fforde

dystopian, adult
A world in which your place in society is based on your colour perception, this concept sounds fascinating and I need to find out more about it.

What are you reading now and next?


  1. These books sound all awesome. And only two are on my wishlist. Maybe I should wish you just some more ok books so I don't have to get them all. But that's selfish and not fun. Of course I wish you happy reading!

    Right now I'm reading The Mark of Athena - the new adventures of Percy, Annabeth and Co. It's love from the first sight...

    1. I have to check out The Mark of Athena.
      I already read one book and it was ok to good, but I hope that the rest will be better.

  2. The Mark of Athena is the 3rd in the 2nd series. The 1st series is Percy Jackson and the Olympians (The Lightning Thief, The Sea of Monsters, The Titan's Course, The Battle of the Labyrinth and The Last Olympian).
    I like Riordans' great Sense of Humor and the not so seriously use of the greek mythology - allthough it's most of the time told as in the Iliad and Odyssey.
    And I've a crush on Seaweed brain and begin to babble when it comes to this term;)

    1. I haven't read anything by Percy Jackson so far, maybe I should change it.




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