18 October 2012

Reading next #5 - conclusion post

In the last days I read my "Reading next #5" book pile. Now I want to talk a bit about the books and my reading experiences.

Defiance - C.J. Redwine

fantasy/dystopian, YA, #1 in a new trilogy
A world in which there is a place called Wasteland in which lives a monster. A world in which women have Protectors, this sounds like a great adventure. Strong characters I enjoyed reading about and an interesting world made it easy to like this book. But something was missing to make the story truly special and great.

The Dark Light - Sara Walsh

paranormal YA
Mysterious lights, a new guy with a fascinating tattoo on his back and a missing brother - this book sounds like it will be thrilling. I liked the writing style and the main characters, but the paranormal parts of the book did not work for me. Btw, the cover was more intense and sexy than the story. Overall this was an just ok book for me.

The Marked - Inara Scott

paranormal YA, #2 in the Talents series
This book continues to tell the story of teens with special abilities that are schooled at the Delcroix Academy. I enjoyed the first book a lot, so of course I'm excited to read on. I really enjoyed this second book in the Talents series. The plot was thrilling and the new developments fit to what happened in book #1. I'm super excited for the next book in the series.

A walk in the park - Jill Mansell

chick lit, adult
I'm excited to find out if this book will be as entertaining, hilarious and full of emotions as I expect it to be. The story was a bit predictable und I was not that entranced by the love story. Overall this was an ok book for me.

White Horse - Alex Adams

post-apocalyotic/thriller with horror elements, adult
The book is set in a destroyed world in which a lot of bad things happen. This book is not really what I'm usually reading, but I still want to give it a try. Unfortunately I did not enjoy reading this book. The constant change from now to then made it hard to get into a good reading flow, some of the decisions the main character did disappointed me and overall the book was too dark for my taste.

Shadowfell - Juliet Marillier

fantasy, YA, #1 in the trilogy
Magic, an evil king and a fight to end his reign. This will be my first book by Marillier and I'm super excited for it. Overall I enjoyed this book, but the story was at times a bit slow and the story was a bit too predictable. I think 50 pages less would have been a good idea.

Shades of Grey - Jasper Fforde

dystopian, adult
A world in which your place in society is based on your colour perception, this concept sounds fascinating and I need to find out more about it. I wanted to love the book because of its fantastic and imaginative world building, but I had some big issues with the writing style, it just wasn't for me.

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