29 October 2012

Good Books: The Marked and Incarnation

In the last weeks I read two books that were good, that entertained me a lot and that I want to recommend to you.

The first book is The Marked by Inara Scott. This is a paranormal YA book and it's the second one in the Talents series. The Talents books play at a school that is for student with special mental or physical abilities. The heroine of the series is Danica Lewis who has very powerful abilities and still needs to learn how to handle then, because otherwise her powers could be deadly.

I liked

  • the the character development fits to the actions in the first book of the series
  • that there is no love triangle, I repeat, no love triangle. In the first book I thought that there might be one, but the author solved the situation in a very realistic and good way. Thank goodness for that.
  • that I learned more about the special abilities the teens have at Delacroix
  • how the friendships between Danica and some of the other girls at the school developed and that they played an important role in the book
  • the new insights in the organisation that stand behind the school was fascinating and I'm excited for the showdown in the next (last?) book of the series. 

All in all this second book in the Talents series made me very happy and I'm super excited to go on with it. If you are interested in this series check out "The Talents".

The second book I want to recommend is Incarnation by Emma Cornwall. This is an adult paranormal book with light Steampunk elements that is so far a stand-alone, but will hopefully be the first book in a trilogy (at least that's my humble wish. :)). The book tells the story of Lucy Weston who is a character from Dracula. The idea behind the book is brilliant, to use a character that really exists in another book and to tell how her story "really" was, was a lot of fun and very entertaining. I want more of this!

I liked

  • the paranormal world the author created. It has alluring darker aspects that makes me excited for more. 
  • Lucy is a great character. She is strong and I thought her adaptation to her new life was fascinating. I liked that she took action when it was needed and I thought that she handled the tough decisions she had to make very well. 
  • that even though there was only a little bit of romance, I was still happy with the romance. There is so much potential for more between Lucy and another character from the book, and I hope that I will be able to read about it in the future.
  • there are a lot of fascinating secondary characters. 
  • the intrigues and power fights were fascinating to read about.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there will be more books that play in the Incarnation world, a trilogy with Lucy as the heroine would be amazing. 

Which good books have you recently read?

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