04 October 2012

Good books I read in September

September is over and the month was definitely better than July and August together. Six of the 29 books I read were good or even great, but none was Book Impression worthy. But that's ok, I'm just happy that at least some of the books I read were good. Maybe October will bring a new fantastic book. At least that's what I'm hoping.

My good books of September are

This is a love story - Jessica Thompson (chick lit, adult, stand-alone) 

This edgy love story told in alternating POVs features two complex character and an unusual love story that begins with a friendship and might change into something more. This edgy, good love story makes me excited for the next book by Thompson. I enjoyed the two different POVs and that both main characters seemed realistic. This book shows that chick lit has so much to offer, it's not all about shopping and spending money.

Widow's Web - Jennifer Estep (UF, adult, #7 in the Elemental Assassin series)

Another good book in the series, the plot was not my favourite (Owen's ex appeared and that created some major issues), but still I enjoyed the fast-paced scenes and the new developments. I'm super excited to find out what will happen in the next book of the series. If you are new to this series, please check out the first book Spider's Bite.

Runaway - Wendelin van Draanen (contemporary, YA, stand-alone)

This is the story of Holly, she's a runaway and trying to come to terms with her past and life. This was an emotional and good story. The journal entries that tell the story of Holly were powerful and they felt real. Wendelin van Drannen is an YA author everybody should give a try (Try "Runaway" or  "The Running Dream"). Read more about the book in my mini review.

The Selection - Kiera Cass (dystopian, YA, #1 in a series)

I would call this a light dystopian novel in which our heroine is part of the selection of the future bride of the prince. The story concentrates on the characters and not so much on the world, this worked for me perfectly. I also thought that the cast system made the story pretty fascinating. Don't expect a lot of action or fighting from the book, because otherwise you might be disappointed. I enjoyed this book and I'm excited to go on with the trilogy. Read more on the book in my mini review.

Delusion in Death - J.D. Robb (romantic suspense, adult, part of the In Death series)

The case was gruesome and I kind of liked that. The first three quarters of the book were nearly perfect, the end could have been a bit more thrilling. It was a bit too easy to find out who the bad guy was. All in all this is another great book in the in Death series. Read more about the book in my mini review. And if you are interested in this series then please start with Naked in Death.

The Age of Miracles - Karen Walker Thompson (contemporary with apocalytic elements, YA to NA, stand-alone)

Not everything in this book worked for me, some of the developments and the science behind what happened did not work for me. But still I liked reading this book. It made me think about how little we know of earth and still we walk on it like masters. And I liked that the end fit to the story, the author didn't take the easy way out. I also liked that the pacing of the book was rather slow and that the author took time to show exactly how little changes can be deadly, and how powerless we really are.

Which good books did you read in September?


  1. I didn't read one of the books you showed us, but I have This is a Lovestory on my tbr. I really love the cover and I'm excited to read it <3

    1. I hope you will enjoy the book as much as I did!

  2. Wow 29 books in one month - quite impressing.
    I've read 10 in september (and at an average about 8) - so it has been a good month for me. Really liked the Inside-Books from Maria V. Snyder and find the Declaration-Series all in all nearly amazing. And with Flying Moon I've read a cute lovestory with takes place in the film business (allthough there have been some contradictions I loved K. Bongards style).
    My flop of the month has been A Certain Slant of Light/Silberlicht. The whole Story and Helen didn't work for me.

    1. Great to hear that you had a good month. The "Declaration" is waiting in my TBR pile and I'm excited for it. And I need to check out "Flying Moon", this sounds like a book I could like.

      Have a great bookish October!




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