17 October 2012

Good Books: Dragon's Moon and Crewel

It's time for another entry in my "Good books" category. I recently read two books, "Crewel" and "Dragon's Moon" that I enjoyed a lot. The books were not perfect, but still good enough to recommend them to other readers.

Dragon's Moon by Lucy Monroe

paranormal historical romance, #4 in the Children of the Moon series

This is already the fourth book in the Children of the Moon and I'm happy to say that the series is still going strong for me. I love the mix of the historical setting with the shapshifters and that the books in the series so far fit together perfectly.
Once again you get two love stories, one is the main love story and there is also a second smaller one. And like always you also get a set of interesting characters, some that appear for the first time and some that already appeared in other books of the series. I loved reading about the shapshifting aspects and have to say that the dragon form is kind of sexy. :) There is a lot of love and caring in this book, and I liked this aspect a lot. I like reading about families that are there for each other and care for each other.
The storyline from the past three books is continued in "Dragon's Moon", and the end opens up some new possibilities for the next books in the series. I thought that the end of the book was maybe a bit too abrupt and a dangerous situation was solved a bit too easily, but overall I was very satisfied with my reading experience and I'm excited to go on with this series.

Crewel by Gennifer Albin

fantasy/ dystopian, YA, #1 in the Crewel trilogy

In the world of Crewel life is created by women, Spinsters, who weave a special kind of thread. They have the power to end a life and they build the Guild, but in the end are pretty powerless compared to the men in the society.
Our heroine, Adelice, has special abilities when it comes to weaving and even though she doesn't want to become part of the Guild, she is forced to. She is thrown into a world of intrigues, power games and has to learn fast to keep her special abilities to herself. Because otherwise she might not survive her new life.
I loved the first half of the book, to me it was fascinating and nearly perfect. But then I had some issues with the explanation as to how the world in Crewel was built and what that had to do with Earth. And I wish that the love story would have taken a backseat in this first book of the series.
The last two chapters managed to make me once again super excited for the world and the characters that live in it. The things that happened at the end of Crewel were as fascinating as the first half of the book and I enjoyed reading about them a lot.
All in all "Crewel" was not perfect for me, but it was a good book with a fascinating world building concept. And it's a book that makes me excited to go on with the series.


  1. The book by Lucy Monroe sound good and I think the book one will get to my wishlist :) I think the US-Covers is more beautiful, then the German Covers, who have not made ​​me curious! Too bad!

    I've seen the german-version of "crewel" by the Frankfurter Book Fair and did read a little bit in it! It's sounds very good and, although I don't really like YA, I plan to buy this book. Can not resist xD

    1. Not being able to resist when it's about books is something I know well. ;)

  2. It has been years since I read a book by Lucy Monroe, time to find some on my shelves again. I don't like the cover of the second book, makes me see strange and not fun things, but the premise sounds good.

    1. I think the covers overall could be better, but what counts is the content.




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