13 October 2012

Buying books is fun - 13 new books

This week I got so many new books. Some preorders, some books I ordered weeks ago and one spontaneously bought book add up to 13 new books. Even for me that's a bit crazy. :)

The Diviners

A historical (1920s) YA book with paranormal elements, murder and action.

The Gathering Storm
A historical YA book set in Russia with a heroine that has special abilities.

Winter White
#2 in the Belles (#1: Belles) series. This is an contemporary YA books that is about dealing with new family situations and intrigues.

Iron Hearted Violet
A Childrens Book with an unusual heroine and a dragon.

The Out of Office Girl
This adult chick lit novel will hopefully be hilarious and lovely.

Valkyrie Rising
This YA book includes ancient magic, warriors and adventure.

Forbidden magical abilities and a heroine on the run are part of this YA book.

The Dark Heroine
A dark YA world with vampires and a heroine who is a pawn in a deadly game.

This YA books with horror elements is about a murdered girl and her thirst for revenge.

This is an adult paranormal book with the so called Darkborns and Lightborns. The first are killed by sun, the second can't handle darkness.

The Beekeper's Apprentice
This adult mystery has an retired Sherlock Holmes and a bright, 15 years old girl as the main characters.

The secret history of the Pink Carnation
A historical setting with spies and a heroine who wants to be one of them. This adult book sounds intriguing.

Three short adult contemporary romances in one book.

Which great books did you get this week?


  1. Wow, 13 new books in one week. But I'll end up with the same amount - The preordered Riordan arrived yesterday,I've bought Rock Hard today, bought the 8 Humble Bundle E-books last night (http://www.humblebundle.com/), and tomorrow I'll think I can't resist so many books at the book fair. It's fun and a pity at the same time:D.
    Btw have you seen this: http://oliviacunning.wordpress.com/2012/10/12/25-nights-until-double-time/? Really like the title and the cover...

    1. I have not seen the link yet, need to check it out asap. And I also need to check out the humblebundle thingie. :)
      I hope that you will manage to score some amazing books at the fair tomorrow!

    2. That's one hot cover! Can't wait to read the book.

  2. Yep. Jace is quite mysterious. Can't wait to now him better.

  3. Wow...13 new books are a lot...I got 23 books this week...I was a bit shocked when I counted them. *lol*
    You got some pretty books there some of them are on my wishlist now!

    Happy reading!

    1. I just saw your haul, you are even crazier than I am! ;) I like it.

  4. Fantastic book haul!! I can't wait to read Iron Hearted Violet and Valkyrie Rising!! Thanks for visiting my blog! :D

    1. Let's hope that both books will be fantastic.
      Happy Reading!




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