18 September 2012

Reviews: Delusion in Death, The Selection & Runaway

I have some new short impressions for you on books I recently read. I enjoyed all three books, but they didn't make the cut to being fantastic enough for a Book Impressions post. But still I want to honour these books, so here are my short impressions on them.

Delusion in Death by J.D. Robb

Another great book in the In Death series, another book that strengthened my love for Eve, Roarke & co. . This time the case is especially gruesome and a lot of people are killed by someone who likes to feel as if he is a god.

I especially enjoyed

  • that Eve & Roarke started to move on from what happened with Eve's mom, I hope that she (evil mom) will not pop up in all nightmares from now one
  • that Summerset and Eve got a bit closer, of course they would never agree to that observation :)
  • that the case was thrilling, the method used for the murders was very perfideous and alarming
  • that I'm already excited for the next book in the series, I hope that the next case will concentrate a bit more on the characters.

I thought that the ending of the book was not as thrilling and clever as I expected it to be. And I thought that it was too easy for Eve to detect who the bad guy was. But still I enjoyed the plot and I'm happy that this series is still so fantastic. 

The Selection by Kiera Cass

I didn't expect that much of the book and in the end was very positively surprised by it. The book is described as The Bachelor in a dystopian setting, but it offers so much more. It's the story of America Singer, a young woman who is part of the selection. The selection is done to find a wife for Prince Maxon, the son of the rulers, and it's done to make the public feel included in the government.

I liked

  • that the book is something I would call a light dystopian novel, the focus is on the characters and so far not so much on the world
  • that I pretty much liked reading about all of the main characters, especially about America
  • the cast system is fascinating and disturbing, especially if you keep in mind that it really exists in certain places
  • that the whole selection thing is not that far away from what is already done on TV. It might be crazy, but I can see people being excited about it
  • that the love triangle situation was for once not stupid, but it did actually made sense
  • that my sis also enjoyed the book and we had a good discussion about it

Like I said, this is so far a light dystopian novel, don't expect the action from other dystopian novels and don't expect a focus on the world. The pacing in "The Selection" might be a bit to tame for some readers, but for me it worked. I think that as long as you like the main characters in this book, you will have a good time. I hope that the next book in the trilogy (The Elite, coming April 2013) will be as entertaining as "The Selection". 

Runaway by Wendelin van Draanen

This is the second book I read by the author and it's the second book I enjoyed by her. The first book I read by van Draanen was "The Running Dream" and I loved it.
"Runaway" is about 12 year old Holly. She's a runaway who decided, after having to stay with yet another pair of cruel foster parents, that being homeless is more appealing than staying in the system. The book is told through Holly's journal entries and I loved this way of telling her story

I liked "Runaway" because

  • Holly's journal entries are powerful, honest and touched me deeply
  • Holly's voice was clear and felt real
  • the author has given Holly a story that in the end is not without hope
  • the book doesn't need a lot of pages to made a lasting impression on me, to make me think about how those who have no power are treated by the system

The ending of the book was a bit abrupt and I would have liked to spend some more pages with Holly in her new home. But still I was satisfied when I finished the last page of the book and now I want to read more by Wendelin van Draanen. 


  1. Tomorrow I shall get my copy of "The Selection". I am really looking forward for reading the book because it sounds really, really good!

    1. Hope you will enjoy this kind of light dystopian novel. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. The Selection is very interesting, maybe I'll find a copy to read soon, too.

  3. You also liked The Selection - that's great. I'm so curious about 'The Elite' and really looking forward to meet America and Maxon again:). Allthough I love dystopian settings which normally contents a dictatorial regime and despair it's great to read one where humour is present at all times.

    1. Exactly, I like that The Selection is a bit lighter than other dystopian books. And yes, I'm also super excited for "The Elite", I want it to be fantastic.




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