24 September 2012

My window is open, how did this happen?

Wake me up at night and I can tell you if I opened up the window before going to bed or not. And I'm pretty sure that everyone of you would be able to do the same. And yet so many heroines in thrillers fail to be able to answer this question. So many heroines have no idea if they opened up the window in their sleeping room themselves or not.

Countless times I have met the "Ups, why is my window open, how did this happen?" heroine. Of course it's always a woman and never a man, and I wonder what the hell is going on here! Are women in thrillers created without common sense? Without the memory function regarding opening windows?

Just imagine waking up at night and all of the sudden your window is open. You can bet that I would call for help asap, because I would know that I didn't open up the window myself. And I would know that a window doesn't open on its own. And I would know that, if there's a psychopath trying to kill me, open windows are not the best thing.

Have you ever encountered the "Ups, my window is open, how did this happen?" heroine? What do you think of her? And which other little, unrealistic things about heroines annoy you?


  1. I know the type. In romantic suspense novels there are a lot of supposedly tough and capable women who have zero common sense and the worst judgement ever. It's really annoying and I don't get it. Who would be that dense? Shouldn't they have at least a trace of instinct of self preservation?

    But there are a lot of things that annoy me when it comes to heroines. I'm acutally a lot more unforgiving when it comes to women in novels. Things I can accept with men really irritate me when a woman does them. I'm actually thinking about doing a post on that.
    I guess the reason why women annoy me a lot more is because I usually try to relate to them and when they do things I wouldn't even think of, I get angry or exasperated. It's a bit of a double standard, but I can't help it...

    The worst thing for me are whiny heroines. I can't stand them!

    1. I'm equally critical on male and female characters, sometimes I'm even more critical on male characters. But I totally get what you are saying.
      Common sense, a certain level of acting in a smart way and no whiny characters are also things that are very important for me.




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