03 September 2012

Impressions on "Earth Girl" & "God save the Queen"

The last time I read a fantastic book was nearly two months ago, so I haven't done a new Book Impressions post in a very long time. I miss recommending good books to other readers and that's why I decided to do a quick post about two good books I recently (in August) read. Both books aren't without flaws, but I still can recommend because they were good enough to get my seal of approval.

Earth Girl by Janet Edwards
stand alone
futuristic novel from the YA section

This is a futuristic book with minor SciFi elements that is set on Earth several hundred years in the future. A world in which traveling from planet to planet is normal. Normal for everyone who is not born with a disability that makes visiting another planet deadly. One of these disabled people is Jarra. She is angry at the world for the negativity and the limited chances she has to deal with. She wants to show the world that "apes" like her can do everything "normal" people are doing.

I enjoyed this book because

  • of Jarra, she was a strong character and I could understand why she was so frustrated. And I loved how she tried to prove that she was just as good as everyone else.
  • of the friendships, the old ones and the new ones that developed. They seemed realistic and weren't without issues.
  • it was fascinating to see a possible future of our world, a world in which earth is one big excavation site.
  • the love story between Jarra and a young man was not the main focus of the story and there was no love at first sight (and no love triangle!!!)
  • the end was happy, but not over the top perfect. I liked that. 

The book was not without flaws, and I enjoyed the first half of it more than the second half. For example the way relationships worked at that time was a bit weird to me. But overall I found this book to be entertaining and engaging. And I'm definitely interested in reading the next book by the author.

God save the Queen by Kate Locke
#1 in The Imortal Empire series
Urban Fantasy from the adult section

"God save the Queen" was like a breath of fresh air. I struggled with a lot of paranormal romances and Urban Fantasy books I read in the past months, but this one managed to entertain me a lot. The novel didn't invent a new version of the genre but it manages to be a bit different.
The novel is set in an England in which aristocrats are vampires and werewolves, and many of them would do anything to gain power.

I enjoyed this book because

  • the author created a fascinating, dark world in which vampires, werwolves and goblins are normal. A world in which all three are hungry for more power and willing to do anything to gain it.
  • the main character Xandra is a fascinating, complex character, at times she surprised me with her actions and feelings. She is not an easy character and I liked that. 
  • there is a hot alpha werewolf :)
  • the world and the plot kept me on my toes. Trust nobody and be always prepared for a new intrigue or new secrets to be uncovered, this would be my motto for "God save the Queen".
  • The love story was hot and intense, but it was just one of many plot lines in the book. I hope Xandra and her man will get a chance for a HEA, because together they rock. 

When reading the first chapters of "God save the Queen" I had some issues with dealing with the world Locke has created. At first not everything felt natural to me, but after a few chapters I was able to open myself to the world and the characters. And then I enjoyed reading this book a lot. I will definitely go on with reading this series and already preordered my copy of "The Queen is dead".


  1. Love to read both of them:). Saturday I've seen the german version of Earth Girl in a book story but could resist. The Rule right now: don't buy any real books before our move in october. Only ebooks are permitted;).

    1. Sounds like a smart idea. I once moved with my books and it was hell. I never thought before that books could weigh so much. :)

  2. God saves the Queen sure sounds like a great book! It is on the wishlist, thanks!

  3. Oh, I'm really looking forward to reading Earth Girl. Glad to hear you enjoyed it! And I have God Save the Queen on my TBR pile, I can't wait to read it. Hot alpha werewolf, that sounds yummy :)

    1. Exactly! I don't know why, but hot alpha werewolves make every book better. :)




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