20 September 2012

I'm reading next ... and you? #3

A new reading pile is waiting to be read and I'm excited to show you the books.

Spiel des Lebens - Veit Etzold

thriller, new adult, German book
A young student is forced by a psychopath into a deadly game. Sounds thrilling and the book design is amazing.

Renegade - J.A. Souders

dystopian, young adult, German version
A secluded underwater world and a young woman who was told that it's a perfect place, but then an intruder from the surface changes everything.

Getting over Mr. Right - Chrissie Manby

chick-lit, adult
A book about getting over Mr Right, I hope this will be very entertaining with a lot of laugh out loud moments.

Insignia - S.J. Kincaid

young adult, Science Fiction/Thriller
A book with a virtual war, spies and corruption. And what happens when you question the rules? This sounds like a fascinating premise and I have high hopes for the book.

This is a love story - Jessica Thompson

chick lit, adult
An unusual love story that begins with a friendship and might change into something more. I have heard from other readers that this is a very emotional book.

Graveminder - Melissa Marr

Urban Fantasy, adult
On the back of the book it says "A captivating story of the living, the dead, and the curse that binds them." This sounds good and I'm excited to find out more about the book.

All the books sound pretty exciting to me and I hope that some of them will be fantastic. What are you reading right now?


  1. Getting Over Mr. Right and This is a Love Story look great! :) I'm just about to start The League of Strays.

    1. I have not read The League of Strays, need to check it out.

  2. Hope Insignia will be a really like book for you - I like to read it too.
    Right now I'm reading The Resistance (book 2 of The Declaration series) and I've to finish the last quarter of the 1st of The HyddenWorld series.

    1. Will let you know how Insignia was. I haven't read The Declaration, did you like it?

    2. Yeah, I really liked did. It contains a very creepy version of the future. Together with the heroine the reader has to make his/her opinion about everlasting life, the seeking for youth and renewal plus the all time questions: what's right and wrong. There is a lovestory too and (for me) there have been some unexspected twists.
      I also like that is much older than most of the other dystopian stories right now. Gemma Malley published The Declaration in Summer 2008 - same year but a few months before The Hunger Games has been released for the first time (Fall 2008). So it isn't a 'For Fans of'...

    3. Sorry, lot's of mistakes. I'm a bit tired.

    4. Sounds great, I think I need to check out the book.

  3. "Graveminder" really sounds interesting for me!!

    1. Dito, I like the sound of the book. Let's hope that the story will really be as good and thrilling as it sounds.

  4. Hi Sabrina! I'm reading Dangerously Close by Dee J. Adams and loving it!

    I'm a huge Melissa Marr fan (loved the Wicked Lovely series) so I'll have to check out Graveminder.

    Happy reading!

    1. Hi Robin, I haven't heard of the book by Dee J. Adams, but I will check it out.

      Happy Reading!

  5. Thanks for the great recommendations! I've been looking for new books to add to my “must read” list, and these sounds great. I'm currently reading an awesome book called “Tell Me When It Hurts” by Christine M. Whitehead. You can get check her out and get the book right off of her website, http://www.christinewhitehead.com. It's a great read! Thanks again for the post and suggestions!

    1. Thanks for sharing what you are reading right now.




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