25 September 2012

I'm reading next ... and you #3 - conclusion post

Spiel des Lebens - Veit Etzold

thriller, new adult, German book
A young student is forced by a psychopath into a deadly game. Sounds thrilling and the book design is amazing. Not enough thrill and the mystery was too easy to solve.

Renegade - J.A. Souders

dystopian, young adult, German version
A secluded underwater world and a young woman who was told that it's a perfect place, but then an intruder from the surface changes everything. This turned out to be another ok dystopian novel for me. I had trouble with connecting to the story because of the writing style, it seemed a bit clinical to me. And some of the things that happened were a bit over the top.

Getting over Mr. Right - Chrissie Manby

chick-lit, adult
A book about getting over Mr Right, I hope this will be very entertaining with a lot of laugh out loud moments. Unfortunately the heroine acted in a way that drove me crazy, this book was not for me.

Insignia - S.J. Kincaid

young adult, Science Fiction/Thriller
A book with a virtual war, spies and corruption. And what happens when you question the rules? This sounds like a fascinating premise and I have high hopes for the book. The gaming and everything that had to do with the virtual war did in the end bore me a bit, so this was another ok book for me.

This is a love story - Jessica Thompson

chick lit, adult
An unusual love story that begins with a friendship and might change into something more. I have heard from other readers that this is a very emotional book. An edgy, good love story that makes me excited for the next book by Thompson. I enjoyed the two different POVs and that both main characters seemed realistic.

Graveminder - Melissa Marr

Urban Fantasy, adult
On the back of the book it says "A captivating story of the living, the dead, and the curse that binds them." This sounds good and I'm excited to find out more about the book. I had trouble with connecting to the main characters and the love story did not touch me, another ok book for me.


  1. "Graveminder" is on my wishlist now because it sounds interesting. ;) My wishlist always grows (or my money goes away) after watching your vids! ;)

    1. You do the same to me with your posts. :)




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