14 September 2012

I'm reading next #1 - conclusion

I finished reading the books I showed you in this post. Now it's time to share my thoughts on them with you.

North & South - the structure of the sentences (very intricate) and their length (super long) did not work for me. I stopped reading the book after a few chapters and plan to give it another try in a few months.

The Age of Miracles - Not everything in this book worked for me, some of the developments and the science behind what happened did not work for me. But still I liked reading this book. It made me think about how little we know of earth and still we walk on it like masters. And I liked that the end fit to the story, the author didn't take the easy way out.

Between the Lines - I love the concept (book in a book plot) and the design of the book, but the story itself just didn't fascinate me.

Delusion in Death - Ok, this book was not on my reading list, but of course I had to read it as soon as I got it into my hands. The case was gruesome and I kind of liked that. The first three quarters of the book were nearly perfect, the end could have been a bit more thrilling. All in all this is another great book in the in Death series.

Blood & Feathers - This book was not for me. The whole Heaven v. Hell thing was too prominent in the story and some of the things that happened were a bit weird for me (for example the giant teeth!)

The Selection - I would call this a light dystopian novel in which our heroine is part of the selection of the future bride of the prince. The story concentrates on the characters and not so much on the world, this worked for me perfectly. I also thought that the cast system made the story pretty fascinating. I enjoyed this book and I'm excited to go on with the trilogy.

Make sure to check out my next post in which I will tell you about the next books I'm going to read.

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