29 September 2012

Buying books is fun

New books (all bought) have arrived in my home and here they are.
This week I bought two books from my wishlist.

Dante's Girl (ebook version) - Courtney Cole

This sounds like a pretty sweet, funny and lovely contemporary YA book.

Tempest's Fury - Nicole Peeler

I hope that I will like this book as much as the first two in the Jane True series and I hope that it will not be like #4.

And then on Wednesday I visited my favourite online bookstore and bought some books I stumbled upon.

The Warden - Anthony Trollop

A beautiful book from the Penguin English Library series.

The Holiday - Erica James

This Chick Lit book sounds entertaining and a bit dramatic.

Obernewtyn - Isobelle Carmody

Forbidden mental abilities and a secluded place make this book sound pretty good.

Der Blutkristall - Jeanine Krock

A female vampire, a powerful ruby who is stolen and a man to help get it back - sounds good.


  1. "Dante's Girl" sounds really good. That went to my wishlist.

    I've read the book by Jeanine Krock...in fact I read three books of that series...it's a while ago I think.

    1. I'm excited to find out how Krock's writing style will work for me.

  2. My parents rarely allow me to buy novels, and they're like "Buy studying book instead" so I've had to use the library as my source of books, but on the occasional chance that I do buy a book: it's so exciting! These books look really good! :)

    1. True, buying books is always very exciting. My parents always bought me books when I was in school, I guess I was lucky.

  3. As a teenager I've been twice the week in our library and have bought books too. Now I've limited by books budget to 50€ per month otherwise the books will spread out of the shelves and allthougt the 'shelve' on the ereader is very big, I think I'll this get this lovely tool to it's limits sooner or later:)
    I agree 'Dante's girl' sounds really sweet. Went to my whishlist too.
    This cover of Der Blutkristall looks great. If only seen the orange one before.

    1. Setting a limit for your book buying is always smart, because otherwise it might get too much. And like you said, even an ereader can be full. ;)

      I discovered the orange cover for "Der Blutkristall" yesterday, I plan to write a post on both covers for B-lit next week. :)




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