08 September 2012

Books of the week - I already know you

New books I bought
This week I received some nice new books in the mail. Three of the five books I bought are books I already read before, but sometimes you just need a second copy of a book.

Edge of Nowhere - Elizabeth George
mystery, YA, first in a new series
I listened to the German audio book version months ago and really enjoyed it. The story is a bit muddled and the heroine does sometimes stupid things, but that fit IMO perfectly to how she grew up and to the fear she lives with. Thumbs up from me and I'm happy to finally have a English copy of the book.

Little Hobbit - JRR Tolkien
fantasy, YA
I so far only owned a German version of the book and it was finally time to get it in the original language.

Angels Fall - Nora Roberts
romantic suspense, adult
This is the perfect cover for the story, a story I love deeply. So of course I had to get a second copy of the book.

Dragon's Moon - Lucy Monroe
paranormal historical romance, adult
This is #4 in the Children of the Moon series, so far I have enjoyed

A walk in the park - Jill Mansell
chick lit, adult
Mansell's books are always a bit hit or miss for me, this one sounds like it could be a hit. As always the book promises drama, a lot of characters and love stories.

I'm reading right now

The Apothecary - Maile Meloy
fantasy, YA (maybe even a bit younger)
I love the drawings in the book, so far the story is special and lovely.

The Nightingale Girls - Donna Douglas
historical fiction, adult
This book is the first in a new series that sounds very exciting. It's about a group of young nurses in London of 1934.


  1. I really like this copy of "The Hobbit"! :)

    I wanna order new books in the new week but I kinda can't decide between some books...

    1. I know that, sometimes there are too many books to choose from. And just ordering all might be a bit too expensive. :)

  2. You really got the beautiful "Angel's Fall" version? I still have to order it. But really, it's just perfect.

    1. I ordered it right after I asked you about it, I was too weak to not do so. :)

    2. Yay, to bookish weaknesses! ;] They are contagious, I'm sure of it! I'm still trying to restrain myself from odering too many Penguin Threads editions, but I guess I'll have bought pretty much all of them by the beginning of the next month! xD My bank account is weeping while my bookshelves are doing the happy dance because they are becoming so pretty! ^.^

    3. Pretty books will be our doom. :)

  3. "...but sometimes you just need a second copy of a book."
    That's soooo right! But still there are people who look funny at me, when I tell them that I own more copies of a book than one... ;-)

    1. I also know people like that, I learned to ignore them and their weird looks. :)




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