13 July 2012

I read what I like ...

Recently I read on a fashion blog (on http://www.stylescrapbook.com/) "I wear what I like & I like what I wear" and I think that this is a very smart and positive motto. It made me think of "I do what I like & like what I do", and this is a motto that fits to how I live my life in general and to how I read.

I read whatever I want to and don't let anyone make me feel bad about the books I enjoy. And I read books because I want to enjoy them, not to hate on them. And I don't finish books I don't like and always try to concentrate on the good books in my life.


  1. Very true. Which is one of the reasons I don't accept many review books.

  2. So true. I don't mind reading negative reviews as long as they are well-thought-out, elaborate and not too immature. Nonetheless I'm getting more and more annoyed recently by bloggers who seem to read books just to make fun of them. I don't get that and I'm even a bit disappointed because these "reviews" are not real criticism but just rants. I don't get why people waste their own time with books they know they're not going to like (for example continuing the "Fifty Shades"-series when they already hated the first book). So I'm really glad for this post - and I'm thinking about including this badge in my sidebar, if you don't mind.

    1. I don't mind at all, so go and grab it. :)

      The thing with the Fifty Shades books is also something that starts to annoy me. These reviews/rants are full of negativity and sometimes even hate and I don't want that in my life.

    2. Thank you!

      Yeah. I seriously don't mind whenever people don't like a book, but then they should write a serious review with some well-thought criticism. I haven't read the books yet so I don't know how my opinion will turn out. But these rants full of hate are just annoying and so immature :/




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