01 July 2012

How was your bookish week?

Another week is nearly over and it's time to talk about it. My bookish week was very quiet, I didn't read a lot of books because of the migraine I had. I hope that next week will be better, the weather is supposed to be less muggy so the migraine should go away. But I still mentioned to read a few shorter books this week, mostly books by Betty Neels. 
Next week I want to go back to my normal reading pace and I want to read some books from my TBR pile. My TBR pile has screamed for help in the last days, so it's time to pick up some new books from it. :)

Next week I also should receive some preordered books and I'm super excited to read them. And I want to already look on the books I want to preorder for August.

My bookish highlight is receiving a signed and personalized copy of Hazel Osmond's new book. It's always very special when I get a signed copy of an author's book.

How was your bookish week?


  1. My bookish week was okay. There were too few really great books and too many okay/bad books. This week hopefully will be better!

    1. I hope that both our next weeks will be great!
      Happy Reading!

  2. Sorry to hear about the migraine ... hope it gets better soon. As for myself, I enjoyed The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore.




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