22 July 2012

How was your bookish week?

This week is another week without a favourite book, I didn't read a lot and the books I read were just ok. Just like in the weeks before, I didn't feel a big need to constantly read, which is highly unusual for me. I think my brain needed a little break from reading and that's why the last weeks were so slow. I read an amazing amount of books in the first six months of the year and I think my brain needed some weeks to relax from that. It needed some weeks to process all the info I gave it. 
Now I finally feel like I'm ready for some new books, for new adventures, new characters and new worlds. So I'm excited for the new week and the books I plan to read in it.

Other than that I'm excited because I will get a new layout for the blog next week. The wonderful Zoe from Chic & Sassy Designs is right now offering custom designs and I immediately signed up for one. The new layout will look a bit more simple and stylish, and I can't wait to get it. 

Lately I have felt a bit disconnected from parts of the book blogger community. In the last months I did often not agree with what most other bloggers, at least the most vocal ones, seemed to think in times of conflict or drama (plagiarism cases excluded). This and some other things made me stop reading some blogs who seemed to be written mostly for other book bloggers and not primarily for "normal" readers. I see myself as a normal reader who, as a hobby, blogs about the good books she read. And I want to read about things that are interesting for all readers, so too many early reviews on books that have not been released yet, books I therefore can't share my opinion on, too many book blogger v. XYZ discussions don't interest me and sometimes even annoy me. 
But of course there are a lot of book blogs out there that offer exactly what I want. It's great that the book blogger community offers something for every kind of reader. Sometimes you just have to invest some time to find the perfect blogs for you to read.  

Have you lately discovered any new to you blogs, blogs that you think are great for "normal" readers? Then please let me know in the comments, I'm always interested in discovering new blogs that fit to my own interests.

How was your bookish week? What bookish things did you think about?


  1. A break could be good sometimes.
    Glad to hear you are refreshed for more books.


    1. I'm happy that my excitement for new books is back and like you said, a break is sometimes a great idea.

      Have a great week!

  2. Hi Sabrina!
    I haven't read anything these last weeks! I don't know why, probably just needed a break like you said. I hope to begin reading again soon..

    About the blogs, I totally get you! I feel like just a normal reader who likes to share my opinion about books, and since I can't spend my whole day reading blogs, most of the times I don't know if something happened until days later hehe. I don't like drama so I try not to get involved with it :P

    1. Good to know that I'm not the only one who needed a break. I hope that we both will read a lot of great books in the next weeks.

      Missing all the drama sounds very nice, because like you I don't like drama.

      Have a great new week!

  3. I can understand what you're saying. I've been paying attention to the drama, but there has been so much that sometimes I feel drained. I don't disagree with some of the bloggers like you do, but I can respect that you want to have your free time and reading hobby drama-free.




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