24 June 2012

How was your bookish week?

The return of the great books
This week started with two books I had high expectations for, but I didn't enjoy both at all. But then my reading luck returned and I read two great novels (Slightly Irregular and For Darkness shows the stars) and one great novella (Among the nameless stars, read if here). Of course this made me a very happy and satisfied reader. 

Upcoming week of battling the ebook TBR pile, will I survive?
As mentioned in my Books of the week post yesterday, I plan to read a lot of ebooks next week. But I'm not sure, if I will really be able to only read ebooks next week. I have some print books in my TBR pile that I can't wait to read, and right now I often have migraines that make reading on an electronic device impossible. But I will at least try to concentrate on the ebooks I own for one week.

Little chats with authors
I'm not a reader who is interested in becoming friends with authors, but still it's of course nice to have little chats with authors on twitter and facebook. I had two of those this week and they put me in a very nice mood. So yeah for interacting with authors.

How was your bookish week? What were your highlights?


  1. I know what you say when you get headaches when you read on you ereader. I kind of felt that way, when I read on my iPod. Nah, but you surely can't compare that :D

    That is one thing I'm kind of jealous for. The english authors kind of search contact, and, even if the german ones are very kind, they often don't do something like that. Writing your blog in english brings its pros. Sadly I don't know if I could do that because I'm supported by many publishers. :/

    1. True, some US/UK authors really check out blogs who wrote about them and of course it's always nice to get a lovely comment from an author. I don't know why German authors don't do the same.

      Maybe the headaches are one reason why I don't like ebooks too much.

      Have a great new week.

  2. I had a really good bookish week! :) Some really great books and got some great new books for my holidays. :)

    1. That's good to hear. The books you got for your holiday all look fantastic.

      Happy Reading!




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