03 June 2012

How was your bookish week?

Hello June. You start with rain but I'm sure you will be a pretty and wonderful month. I had a fantastic last week. I managed to read an insane amount of books and four of them were very good or even great, so today I'm a happy reader. I even managed to read some ebooks and it wasn't too bad. :)

This week I also realized that my bookish year has so far been better than I thought. When I started with my "good books I read" list I was honestly surprised at how many good/great books I already read in 2012. I concentrated too much on the books that disappointed me instead of celebrating the good books I read. I promise to not do this any longer. 

Later today I will write my "In June you will be mine" list and I hope that I will really able to get all the books on that list. The list will be, of course, longer than I usually planned it to be, but that's ok. The first June preorders should start to arrive next week and I can't wait to get and read them.

How was your bookish week?
Have a great and happy new week!


  1. I think I can say my bookish week wasn't bad because I got some books I was longing for. :3

    But I think the next weeks will get hard because I don't intend on buying many books in June. Just what I'll get for my birthday in 2 weeks but I think there won't be many books either just from friends who had my wishlist.

    I have the feeling the next weeks also will be low in reading because I have so much to do for work. I am really glad summer holidays aren't that far. I have to plan which books I'll take home with me. ;)

    Wish you an amazing Sunday even if there's rain. Here it's raining too a lot!

    Happy reading!

    1. Sounds like you have a lot going on in the next weeks. Hope you will find some time to relax and read.
      Maybe you should share your wishlist on your blog, I think some of your readers would be happy to send you books for your birthday.

      Happy Reading!

  2. I actually love rain. A week that starts off with it is bound to be a great one :) Ohmygoodness, forgive me, but I didn't know you had a channel! I'm off to go visit it!

    I'm always sad when BEA comes around because I can never go. It's brilliant that there's this Armchair BEA to go to instead :D

    My bookish week has been uneventful. I haven't been reading much lately with all my summer studying under way, but I do hope to get out and start reading again soon!

    1. I'm also happy that there is Armchair BEA, but it sucks that most giveaways are not open to international bloggers. :(

      I normally also love rain, it's the perfect reason to stay inside and to read. :)

      Hope you will read some great books next week!




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