30 June 2012

Books of the week - a special book

It's time to talk about my week in books. Click the info links to learn more about the books.

My favourite books of the week are (both ebooks)
Silver Shark - Ilona Andrews  info
A thrilling story with SciFi elements that was very entertaining to read.

Try me - Olivia Cunning  info
This novella was just the right start in the new Sole Regret series, I can't wait for more sexy stories with members of the band.

What are your favourite books of the week?

New books I got this week (all bought besides the first one).
The first time I saw your face - Hazel Osmond  info
Shade - Jeri Smith-Ready  info
Fatal Fixer-Upper - Jennie Bentley  info
The greatest love story of all time - Lucy Robinson  info
books by Betty Neels
The carbon diaries 2017 - Lloyd  info
Dead Rules - Russell  info
Looking for Leon - Shirley Benton  info

I'm reading right now
The first time I saw your face - Hazel Osmond  info
Fated - Alyson Noel  info
The short second life of Bree Tanner - Stephanie Meyer  info

Next I plan to read
The mysterious Benedict society - Trenton Lee Stewart  info
Rosie Hopkins' sweet shop of dreams - Jenny Colgan  info
Allison Hewitt is trapped - Madeleine Roux  info


  1. I am looking forward for your opinion of the Jenny Colgan book. :)

    This week I just read one book I liked and that was "Wrapped" by Jennifer Bradbury even if I would liked a bit more romance in the book. ;)
    The other books I read were bad or just okay...I hope the new week brings better books!

    1. I'm hoping the same for you, but at least you read one good book, better than none.

      Have a great new week and Happy Reading!

  2. Hey there,
    I tagged you in a...well..tag-thing. ;) It would be nice to see you participating! Here's the link:


    Have a good weekend,

    1. Thanks for the tag, I will check it out. But I can't promise to participate because I rarely do things like tags.

      Happy Reading!

  3. OOohh The Fated cover is so much prettier than the North American one! Great haul! They all sound so awesome. Happy reading!
    Giselle from booknerd.ca
    Stacking the Shelves

    1. I agree on the cover for Fated, this time the UK cover looks IMO prettier.

      Happy Reading!

  4. okay, to be honest, i only heard about 2 of these books Oo
    i dont know if i would consider reading the new noel book, because i dont like her evermore series, but this sounds great though...i read shade, it was ok, but nothing i would recommend...mhhhhhh :D

    1. I have never read a book by Noel before, so I'm excited to find out if I will like her writing style or not.

      Happy Reading!

  5. Great lineup. I have been wanting to read The Do It Yourself Mysteries. Happy reading.

    1. The books in the series look great, I so hope that I will enjoy #1.

      Happy Reading!




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