21 June 2012

Review: Slightly Irregular - Rhonda Pollero

#4 in the Finley Anderson Tanner (FAT :) ) series
contemporary fiction, mystery with chick-lit elements(adult)
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1. Knock off  read an excerpt
2. Knock'em Dead  read an excerpt
3. Fat Chance  read an excerpt
4. Slightly Irregular  read an excerpt
5. Bargain Hunting  (coming October 2012) read an excerpt

"Slightly Irregular" is a book I waited on for a long time. So of course my expectations were, as often, pretty high. Especially because I'm a big fan of the other books in the FAT mystery series. They always manage to make me laugh out loud. I'm happy to say that this time everything I expected and wanted was delivered by the book.

The book, as all the others in the series, was highly entertaining and made me laugh & smile a lot. Finley is, as usual, trying to score good deals on ebay, spending too much money on clothes and other pretty things, trying to work as little as possible and trying to not get crazy about meeting her very critical mother. So business as usual for Finley. :)

And as usual Finley stumbles right into the middle of a dangerous situation. When a coworker of her starts to act weirdly and other unusual things happen, Finley feels the need to start a little investigation of her own. An investigation that could be deadly. With the help of her three friends (I love all of them), Liam, the sexy PI who loves to play games with Finley and her sexy boss Tony, Finley tries to solve yet another mystery. 

The end of the book seemed a bit abrupt to me, I would have liked some more pages to explain things. But other than that I loved reading "Slightly Irregular". I didn't mind that Finley is still standing between two men, something I normally hate. For once it wasn't her fault that nothing sexy happened between her and Liam. And btw, so far it's not a love triangle, but more of an interest triangle.

After reading this book I started to like Tony a bit more, especially because I loved reading about the relationship between his daughter Izzie and Finley. I'm still Team Liam, but he needs to start sharing some private things with Finley soon, because I don't think that her patience will last much longer. So I hope that the next book in the series will bring some new developments in Finley's love life. Other than that I hope Finley will stay the same and will continue to do whatever she wants. 

If you are interested in reading this series, I would recommend to start with the first book. Otherwise you miss too much info on Finley and her life.

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