12 May 2012

Books of the week - finally arriving

Another week full of books is over. I had a pretty good week with two fav books of the week and with a lot of new books in the mail. Most of the books I got were ordered in the last weeks and now they finally arrive. "The Industry" needed over a month to get from New Zealand to Germany, I'm sure that customs was holding the book hostage. ;)


Dark Mirror - M.J.  Putney  
Insurgent - Veronica Roth 
Repossession - Sam Hawksmoor  

Eighteen kisses - Laura Jane Cassidy  
Partners in crime - Kim Harrington  
The Industry - Rose Foster 

Finding Sky  - Joss Stirling  
Wicked games  - Jeri Smith-Ready
Fifty Shades Darker - E.L. James  

Cross my heart - Katie Klein 
Taking Changes - Loni Flowers
Knight - Kristen Ashley 

Favourite books of the week
50% off murder - Josie Belle 
The first book in a new cozy mystery series was like a breath of fresh air. I hope that the next book will be published soon. 

Fifty shades freed - E.L. James 
The last book in the Fifty Shades series was for me just as great and entertaining as the other two books. I loved the happy end and IMO nobody writes better emails than EL James. 

Reading right now
Illuminate - Aimee Agresti 
Heartsick - Chelsea Cain  
Cinder - Marissa Meyer  
Clutches and Curses - Dorothy Howell 


  1. Beautiful new books!! :)

    Fav books of my reading week are "Starcrossed" and "Dreamless" by Josephine Angelini. I just love this series so much! Can't wait for book three now! :)

    1. Good to hear that you enjoyed both books so much, it's always so nice to read books that are really good. The last two weeks were great for me and I hope it stays this way.

      Have a great new week!

  2. I hope you're enjoying Cinder. I really liked that one. INSURGENT *doing Happy Dance* :) Have an awesome week :)

    1. Dito. Cinder sounds so special, I just have to love this books. :)
      Have a great new week!

  3. And I'm still waiting for my copy of Insurgent ^^

    It's great that you had such a fantastic week and I hope you'll have a good time with Storm's Heart - I can't wait for the next book :)

    1. Mine also took a long time until it arrived, don't know why they have so many delivery issues with such a book.
      I also hope that Storm's heart will be great for me, especially because I had some issues with the first book in the series.

      Have a great new week!

  4. I need to get Insurgent and fast! But I'm trying to not spend so much money on books, so I'm not sure if I'll get it right now :(

    Happy reading Sabrina!

    1. I can understand that, at the end of each month I'm always a bit shocked about how much money I spent on books.

      Happy Reading!

  5. I read all three 50 shades books within a week because I was so fascinated by it. The story beetween Christian and Ana is so lovely and I didn't want the books to end. So glad you liked them too!

    1. I really enjoyed the Fifty Shades books, they really are a bit addictive. :) I first read the books as ebooks and now I finally own all three as print books.

      Have a great new week!




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