04 May 2012

Review: The Look - Sophia Bennett

contemporary (YA), stand-alone
published March 2012
bought my copy

When I first encountered "The Look" online I liked the look and the sound of the book. And of course my mind immediately made up a list of things I would like to get from reading the book. And I'm happy to say that every single point on my list is checked after reading "The Look", this book gave me exactly what I was hoping for. 

Ted Trout (aka Edwina) is a great heroine. With 15 and half years old she is younger than most heroines I read about in YA books, but that didn't bother me at all while reading. I loved her personality and how strong she got throughout the story. How she found out what is important for her. And how she learned to take more pride in how she looks.

The story starts when Ted, whose very tall, thin and has a weird hair cut (she has crazy hair!) is out with her beautiful sister Ava and a model scout discovers her. At first Ted can't believe that the scout really meant her and not her amazing sister. So she doesn't do anything about it. Then her sister gets sick (cancer) and all of a sudden Ted's whole life changes. Her sister wants Ted to concentrate on having fun so she convinces her to try out being a model. Ted is thrust into a world of go-sees, of being rejected again and again and then of being made into a star.

But Ted soon realizes that she's more than just a body, that she's more than just a face. She's a girl that still has to discover who she is and what she wants. She's a sister who wants to be there for her sick, older sister. She's a daughter who likes to spend time with her family.

I especially liked reading about how Ted got stronger and more self-assured. I loved reading about her relationship with her family. The Trouts are a great, very supportive family and I loved that they got a happy end. Especially the relationship between Ted and her sister was fantastic to read about. They have their issues, but they are also a great team. The way Ted was there for her sister during the hard times she went though was amazing. 
What I also enjoyed is that the book concentrates on Ted, her life and her family. There's no love triangle and Ted's own love interest plays only a minor part. 

When a book gives you exactly what you wished for, it leaves you with a sappy grin and a happy feeling. This is exactly what happened with "The Look". You can bet that I will check out the other books by the author. Even though the heroines in her books are a bit younger than I usually enjoy reading about, I'm sure that Sophia Bennett can make it work for me.


  1. The book looks and sounds really great!!

    1. It really was great. I love it when a book looks as good as it sounds.

  2. OH MY GOD!! I love this feature Sabrina!!
    And I'm in love with the pictures...specially the ones that shows part of the inside of the book but also the edges of the pages X_X
    I'll never get enough of that one!!!

    And I've never heard of this book before but it sound like my kind of contemporary XD if I ever get the chance to buy it I'll definitely come back here and tell you my thoughts on it :D

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words. I love shooting the pics for my book impressions posts and of course I want my readers to also enjoy them.

      Hope you will get the chance to read the book sometimes in the future.

    2. ^_^ this post rocks :D

  3. Beautiful post Sabrina, you sure are an artist.

    1. If only! My sis takes way better and more interesting photos than I do, but I love shooting pics and that's all that counts.




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