30 May 2012

Review: Dark Frost - Jennifer Estep

Dark Frost by Jennifer Estep
published May 2012
#3 in the Mythos Academy series (UF from the YA section)
bought my copy (I got an e-copy for review by the author, but waited with reading the book until my preordered print copy arrived. I'm weird that way. :) )

Mythos Academy series
1. Touch of Frost
2. Kiss of Frost
3. Dark Frost
4. Crimson Frost

"Dark Frost" starts with a thrilling and shocking scene and the pace of the book stays fast right until the end of the story. Life has become even more dangerous for the students at Mythos Academy, and Gwen has to deal with a lot of dangerous and complicated things. She tries to stay strong but it's not always so easy. She tries to find out more about what she is supposed to do, and she needs the help & support of her friends to not lose her hope when things get more dangerous than ever before. 

"Dark Frost" fits perfectly to the other two books in the Mythos Academy series. It's a third book that made me an even bigger fan of the series than I was before. It's a book that strengthened my interest for characters like Gwen, Logan and Daphne. It's a book that made me even more fascinated in the mythology of Loki and the other gods. It's a book that is at times brutal, but never just to be brutal. Every bad thing that is going on happens for a reason and fits to the story. 

I once again loved reading about Gwen, about her doubts, about her struggles, about her achievements, about her intelligence and of course about her fight against the Reapers. And I loved reading about her friends and the changes they went though. 
I love that not only Gwen, but also her friends, will all have an important part in fighting against Loki and his followers. I loved when Gwen, Logan, Daphne and Carson acted as one team, I hope to see more scenes like that in the future. 

At the end of "Dark Frost" bad things happen, but there is also hope. Hope that Gwen and her friends can win the fight against the evil Reapers. Hope that together as a team they will be strong enough to win. And hope that Gwen and Logan will have the chance to further develop their relationship. 
I love that Jennifer Estep doesn't leave the reader without hope, and I trust in her completely to give her characters the possibility to win against Loki and his followers. I learned when reading Estep's adult UF series that she doesn't let her characters go through too much drama. And that she makes them strong enough to handle the bad things and to win in the end. I'm convinced that Gwen and her friends will be able to deal with everything that crosses their way. 

At the end of the book is an excerpt for the next part in the series and wow, once again things seem to happen that are absolutely unexpected and thrilling. When I finished the excerpt I was blown away by the new developments. I just can't wait to get and read what will happen next and how Gwen will handle everything. 
If you are in the mood for a fantastic UF series from the young adult section, a series that is thrilling, fast-paced and full of fascinating characters, then give the Mythos Academy series a try. 


  1. In already started the book and I just love the characters so damn much! :) But I kinda would have been happier if it would be just a trilogy...now another series...
    Love your fotos of the book!

    1. This time I'm actually happy that it's not a triology. I want more of the characters and the world they live in. But I hope that the storyline with Loki will be finished within the next two books and that then maybe a new storyline will be introduced.

  2. Glad you liked this, too! I also loved reading about Gwen, and I think I liked her even more in this book. :) Great review!

  3. I really like your photography and play with the novel.




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