14 April 2012

Books of the week - slow times

This week was a pretty quiet and slow one. I didn't buy too many books, I took a three day break from reading novels and I played around a lot with my new camera. 

New books I received this week (all bought)
Confessions of a teen sleuth - Chelsea Cain
Stork - Wendy Delsol  
Blood Magic - Tessa Gratton  buy
Bonded by Blood - Laurie London 
Carousel Tides - Sharon Less 
A million suns - Beth Revis

My favourite book of the week
none :(

I'm reading right now
Partials - Dan Wells 
Wicked Games - Sasha Wagstaff  
Heidelberg Wedding - Betty Neels 

I want to read next week
Becoming Scarlett - Ciara Geraghty 
The summer of living dangerously - Julie Cohen 
Jane Slayre - Sherri Browning Erwin 

Have a great new week and be happy!


  1. Blood Magic was horrible to me and many other blogger thought the same. But I'm interested if it will find it's way on your blog: Taste ist different.

    AH, I would kill for Partials :(

    1. Of course I mean "taste is different" :D

    2. I saw that "Blood Magic" got very mixed reviews but I'm still interested to read the book. I really like the synopsis and the excerpt I read.

  2. Jane Slayre? I've never heard about this book. But it seems to be a trend in the literature. I'm excited what you think about that book. Have you read the original book "Jane Eyre"? And do you know the book "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies"? Same concept but a different author. Could be another book for you if you like "Jane Slayre".

    1. I love the original "Jane Eyre" novel and I'm super excited if Jane paired with werewolfs will work for me. I heard about "Pride and Prejudice with zombies" but the book doesn't really interest me.

      Happy Reading!

  3. Really curious about Carousal Tides!

    1. Dito. :) I bought the book spontanously because it sounded and looked good.




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