14 February 2012

Two series I enjoy right now: Rock Chicks and Fifty Shades

In the last weeks I discovered and started reading two series that I really enjoy so far. I have read two books in each series and I'm excited to go on with more books. Both series are from the adult section, one is a contemporary romance and one is an erotic romance. And both series are self-published and I read them on my tablet. 

The books in the Rock chick series (contemporary romance from the adult section) are 

  • fast paced 
  • hilarious 
  • full of laugh out loud moments 
  • full of crazy (in a good way) and over the top characters
  • full of characters that you come to love and root for

The books (their mood & feeling) remind me a bit of the first books in the Stephanie Plum series have (when the books were still funny and not too weird). So far there are 7 books in the Rock Chick series (I think eight are planned), each book concentrates on a new pair, but of course the fantastic and crazy good characters you met in the book(s) before are also part of the story. So far I read the first two books in the series and I plan to start with #3 today. 

The Fifty Shades trilogy (erotic romance from the adult section) is 

  • intense
  • sexy
  • full of interesting characters. The main male character describes himself as "50 shades of fucked up" and that's so true!
  • a great mix of sensual scenes, drama and very funny parts (love the e-mail exchanges between Christian and Ana)
  • not a series for readers who expect a tame, nice and uncomplicated love story

I finished book #2 in the series just recently and I'm excited to find out how the series will end. The books in this series are very intense and I love reading about Ana and Christian. Lately I had some issues with erotic romances by other authors, so I'm happy to have discovered a new author who writes books in this genre. 

Have you recently discovered some new authors that write books you enjoy? Who are they?

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