27 February 2012

I demand a "have tissues ready" warning

Today I was in the mood for a cute and happy book with not too many pages. So I grabbed "The Comeback Season" by Jennifer E. Smith from my TBR pile. Now, after I read the book, I wonder why I thought that this would be a cute little book, because it definitely wasn't. It was a great book, a book that made me feel deeply for the characters, a book that's intense, a book that at times felt like a punch to the stomach and it's a book that made me cry like crazy. Thank goodness that I didn't read this book in public. ;)

Maybe there should be something like a "have tissues ready when you read this book" warning on books that are especially emotional and that will make you cry uncontrollably. This warning would come in handy when I decide which book to take with me on the train, and which book is better read in private. 

Btw, even though I wanted to read a happy & cute book today, I'm definitely not disappointed with choosing "The Comeback Season" from my TBR pile. Because even though it wasn't what I expected or what I was in the mood for, "The Comeback Season" is a special, emotional and great book. And of course I forgive Jennifer E. Smith for making me cry and walk around with puffy eyes, I might even thank her for it. And you can be sure that I will read soon more books written by her. 

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