22 February 2012

Sorting out books

When I rearranged my books last week, I used the chance to sort out some books. Books that I had collected over several years. Books that were ok, but not great. Books that I didn't want to have any longer on my shelves. Books that reminded me of an average reading experience. Books that sometimes even made me angry or frustrated. 

Over several years I kept every single book I ever bought, and I bought (and still buy) a lot of books. So my home library was full of books that were just ok or that I didn't even enjoy reading. Then last year something changed inside of me, I came to the conclusion that I wanted my library to be a place full of the good and great books of my life. So I started sorting out books. And I did the same again a few months later, and once again a few months later. 

I have now nearly achieved my goal, there are still a few just ok books on my shelves left, but their number is decreasing. And that makes me happy. I realized that surrounding myself with the books that made me happy while reading, makes me happy in general. And the just ok, frustrating or even bad books I read have no longer a place in my home library. And of course sorting out books means creating new space for other books. 

How do you handle sorting out books? Is it easy for you or do you keep every book you have read?  And how do you handle things on your ereader?


  1. I find it VERY easy to get rid of books I didn't like or hated. I always try to clean out my bookshelves by putting books up for trade or hosting a giveaway just to get rid of the books. I always keep signed books that are signed directly to me though, no matter how much I like or disliked a book.

    1. Sounds like a good system and it's exactly what I'm also trying to do.




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