10 February 2012

Bookish baking - November Cakes

Today I was in the mood to bake and I decided to try out the November Cakes. The recipe for the November Cakes was developed by Maggie Stiefvater. November Cakes are mentioned in Stiefvater's book "The Scorpio Races", and I love that she took the time to create a recipe that works and produces very sweet and yummy little cakes. 

Other book bloggers like Angie from Angieville and Holly from Umblättern have already tried out the recipe and enjoyed the yummy November Cakes. 

Here is one of my November Cakes

My dough was way too sticky and fluid to handle it like described in the recipe, so I just put the dough into the muffin form (using my hands!) and then used a spoon to mix the orange butter and the dough. The November Cakes taste very delicious and I will definitely bake them again in the future.

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