07 January 2012

Thanks for your honest reviews ...

It's no secret that I only review the books I enjoyed reading. And it's no secret that I still like reading negative reviews written by other people. And it's no secret that some people think that bloggers that blog my way are no "real" bloggers. But there is one thing that is a secret to me and it has to do with people's reactions on negative reviews. Often these reactions include things like "Thanks for your honest review" or "Thanks for your honesty". I never see this kind of comment when it's a positive review and lately this started to annoy me. Positive reviews are IMO as honest as negative ones (at least on the blogs I read). 
I also realized that when you look at the likes a review gets on sites like goodreads, many really negative and snarky reviews have the most likes. I wonder if readers really don't trust positive reviews, if some readers just like snark and even insults in a review or if people take the positive reviews for granted and forget to show their like-feeling.

I guess it's a mix of all three things. I like some snark (not too much) but not when I get the feeling that it's only included to get attention, to sound super intelligent & witty and to create drama. 
And I sometimes take great, positive reviews for granted. I realized that I don't click the like button on great, positive reviews often enough. In the future I will show my appreciation for positive, honest and fantastic reviews more often. Because these reviews are the reason that I have discovered a lot of amazing books. So I should show my love for them more strongly. So thanks to all reviewers for writing great, insightful and honest reviews, it doesn't matter if your reviews are positive or negative, I believe in you and your honesty!

Btw, of course I know that not all reviews are honest, but I trust the bloggers whom I follow and the readers whom I came to know on sites like goodreads.

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