22 January 2012

Books of the week #21 - pretty new books

A very grey, cold and wet week is finally over. The books I read, or to be more exact my opinion of them, unfortunately fits to this weather. Most of the books I read this week were once again just ok.

Right now I feel as if a reading slump could be just around the corner, but of course I don't want that to happen. So let's hope that the books I'm reading right now / plan to read next will prevent the big, bad reading slump.

In the future I vow to always read an excerpt of books by new to me authors, this will save me some frustrations. I already started with it this week and it helped me to delete some books from my wish list. In the next week I plan to read excerpts by all books from new to me authors that are my whole wish list, I'm sure that I will delete some more books after it.

My favorite books of the week are 
The running dream - Wendelin van Draanen
Sugar rush - Donna Kaufmann
Rock Chick - Kristen Ashley  

This week I got (all bought) 
The book of blood & shadow - Robin Wasserman
Night School - CJ Daugherty
Embers - Laura Bickle
Skinwalker - Faith Hunter
What Alice forgot - Liane Moriarty   (thanks Chachic for the recommendation)
Tangled up in love - Hailey North
Murder with peacocks - Donna Andrews
Shadows on the Moon - Zoe Marriott
Forever yours - Rita Bradshaw
Faking it - Lotte Daley

Right now I'm reading
Th book of shadow & blood - Robin Wasserman 
Dead witch walking - Kim Harrison
Als die schwarzen Feen kamen - Anika Beer  

Next week I plan to read
Zirkel (Circle) - Elfgren & Strandberg
Night School - CJ Daugherty
Shut out - Kody Keplinger
Blue Bloods - Melissa de la Cruz
Personally, I blame my fairy godmother - Claudia Carroll 

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