20 December 2011

TBR pile update #5 - what is your status?

When I look at my TBR pile I wonder how I managed to nearly double it in just a few weeks. About a month ago I was down to 35 books and then I started buying a lot of books. Now I'm up to 54 books (less than the 59 in November). In the last few weeks I bought about 10 books each week and didn't read as much as I normally do, so of course my TBR has grown quiet a bit. But to be honest it's not too bad, the Holidays are coming up and that means I will have some free time to read. So in my next TBR pile update post there should be less books in my pile. 

I'm still trying and mostly managing to make sure that books don't stay too long in my TBR pile, this system of reading the books that have been in my TBR pile the longest at first is really working for me. Isn't it nice when something works out exactly as you hoped it would?

In the next four weeks I will try to downsize my TBR pile a bit, so from now on my motto "just read it". And I will try to continue to make sure that books don't stay in my TBR pile for more than two to three weeks. 

How does your TBR pile look right now? Have there been changes in it in the last seven weeks? Do you have any special TBR pile related goals for 2012?

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