02 December 2011

Review: The body at the tower - Y.S. Lee

published 2010
#2 in The Agency series, historical fiction (YA)
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London, 1859: A few months after Mary started working as a spy for The Agency she still enjoys her work. She loves the different aspects of her job and that it gives her a chance to lead a good life. Mary's new investigation leads her to a building site where she starts working undercover tarned as 12 year old boy. At the building site mysterious things are going on and after a workman died people start to believe in a ghost. 
But is there really or ghost or are humans responsible? With the help of James, which she met again at the site, Mary investigates and she will not stop until she can solve the mystery. 

Oh happy day, I have finally discovered a new series in which the second book is just as great as the first one. I had high expectations when I started reading "The body at the tower" and they were completely fulfilled.
The writing style was once again very engaging, as soon as I started reading the book I was transported into London at 1859. I could imagine the scenery and even the smells quiet easily and was entertained by the story from beginning to end.

Mary continued to be a fascinating heroine, I loved learning more about her. I love her bravery and her need to help others. And I love her wit and her intelligence. I also enjoyed learning more about the leaders of The Agency and I'm excited to see if there will be some changes in the future in regards to how The Agency is working.

I loved that James was once again part of the story. The scenes between him and Mary were great and I hope that their relationship will get the change to grow despite the issues that stand between them. Maybe the next book will bring some more development between them (I really hope so). They are good for each other and I love their banters and discussions.

The case was not that hard to solve (at least for the reader), but still the investigation was interesting up to the moment it was solved. During the investigation it became clear how hard life for a simple worker was at the time and that women had pretty much no rights. 

I can't wait to go on with the series and to find out more about Mary, her life and her past. This series has the potential to become one of my favourites and that's so exciting.

I love the US covers for the series, they look pretty and they fit perfectly to the story, the setting and the main character. 

final appraisal
The second book in The Agency series is just as great, engagingly written and entertaining book as the first book. If you are looking for a historical fiction series with strong characters, an interesting heroine and a great setting, then this series is for you.

The Agency series
4. Rivals in the city

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