31 December 2011

Reading resolutions for 2012 & Happy New Year

In 2012 my general goal is to be as happy as possible. And I want to achieve this happiness in every part of my life. In 2012 I will eliminate things that put pressure on my reading experience in 2011. My goal is to make reading as enjoyable, as relaxing and as happy as possible.

In 2012 I plan to 

  • just read, not think too much about what to read next
  • not do any reading challenges
  • not look any longer at how many books I read
  • stop reading books I don't enjoy, I don't need to finish every book I start
  • buy pretty much all of the books I want to read. When I read an eARC I always feel too much pressure to really have a great reading experience. And I love buying new books and supporting authors, so it's a win/win situation for me. Btw, I already buy more than 95% of the books I read, so not reading eARCs doesn't change that much. 
  • always read an excerpt before buying a book, in 2011 I read too many books that didn't work for me because of the writing style
  • make sure that my TBR pile doesn't get too big, everything under 60 books is ok
  • make sure that books don't stay in my TBR pile for more than a few weeks
  • read some more German books
  • share more books with my sister, I love talking with her about books we read
  • have fun while blogging and continue to blog about the things that bring me fun

So in general I don't want to put me under any kind of pressure when reading and blogging, in the future it's all about having fun and being happy.

Have you any special reading resolutions for 2012?
I'm wishing you all a fantastic 2012 and may your wishes & goals come true.

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