28 December 2011

The Eve Dallas seal of approval

This year there is one genre that disappointed me a bit and that's contemporary romance (adult section). Of course I read some fantastic contemporary romances with strong and great characters in 2011. But I also read too many books with main male characters who acted like total jerks for most parts of the book, but in the end I was supposed to root for them and like them (no way in hell did that happen).

Of course everyone's perception is different so I may think of a man as a jerk while others may not, and I know that some heroes I liked reading about this year appeared very jerk-like to other readers. But this is my little rant so I will concentrate on the men I characterise as jerks. 

Being a jerk is a choice so I don't have any respect for them. A jerk is IMO a guy who prefers to party and have sex with a different woman every week over spending time with his little son. A jerk is a guy who thinks that it's ok that a woman is constantly groped by an older man so that he can get a good business deal. A jerk (plus being super stupid) is a guy who has sex with a woman he just met in a tent without any thoughts of protection. A jerk is a guy who thinks that STDs do not exist. A jerk is a guy who leaves his car's engine running (a Hummer of course) for more than 15 minutes while he is not in the car. 
I could go on and on with this list and this makes me a bit sad. Because all of the things I just listed are things I read about this year. All of these guys were the heroes of contemporary romances and they made me so mad. I finished each of the books but will no longer do something like that in the future. Because reading about jerk heroes (I don't even think they should be called heroes) is frustrating and brings me no fun. I read to have a good time, so jerk heroes are not for me. 

In the future I will ask myself when reading about a jerk if he really is worth spending my reading time with. I will ask myself what a kick-ass heroine would have to say about this guy. Would she approve of him or would she kick him in the balls and then go on with her life? And if she wouldn't approve of him then I will stop reading. Btw, I love reading about complicated and messed up heroes, but both things have nothing to do with acting like a total jerk.
I thought about which heroine would be perfect to decide if a hero is worthy of my time and the best choice is of course Eve Dallas. Because she is the most kick-ass heroine I know and I love her. Eve has no respect or love for people who act like super jerks. She will, at least in my mind, decide if a hero is worthy of my time or if he is too much of a jerk. So I proudly introduce you to my very personal Eve Dallas seal of approval, no jerk has a chance against it. 

Btw, some people think that a heroine is strong when she takes back a hero who acted like a total jerk. But I don't think so. A strong heroine would kick the jerk where it really hurts, then she would go on with her life and she would be happy because of it. IMO only a weak, naive, desperate and maybe even stupid woman would take back a man who could be one of the candidates of this weird MTV Show "Tool Academy". 

So heroes be careful, in the future my Eve Dallas seal of approval will decide on your destiny.
Did you also stumble over jerks in books you read this year? And do you finish these books or do you stop reading them? 

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