08 December 2011

Buying books for other bookaholics is fun

I love to buy books (I guess that's no secret :) ), it's always exciting to order a new book that will take you on a wonderful journey. And of course buying books is the easiest and best way to support authors. I buy a lot of books, not only for myself but also for my sis and for my mom. My sis and I have a similar taste in books from the YA section and also in the contemporary romance genre from the adult section. We share the love for the In Death series and the bride quartet by Nora Roberts. We also enjoy the same things in books and have the same issues with stories and characters. For my sister's birthday on Monday I got her three new books, all books I read and enjoyed this year. I'm already excited to talk with her about the books I got her. 

I also love buying books for my mom. Whenever I read a great book I look up if there is a German version of it, and then I will get it for her or talk her into buying it herself. This year I for example introduced her into the Eona - series by Alison Goodman and next year I will give her a German copy of Divergent by Veronica Roth. My mom is also a big fan of Nora Roberts, so sometimes my sis, my mom and I talk passionately about the latest books by NR and the newest developments in the In Death - series, these talks are so much fun.

Buying books for the two bookaholics in my life is always amazing and exciting. Because with the books I can share exciting journeys with them and afterwards have great discussions with them. 

Do you also have people in your life that you love to buy books for? What do you love most about buying books for others?

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