12 November 2011

Review: Wedding Fever - Kim Gruenenfelder

Wedding Fever (UK) / There's cake in my future (US) by Kim Gruenenfelder
contemporary romance / chick lit
published 2010 / 2011
bought my copy

Nicole, Melissa and Seema are best friends, and excited for the future. Nicole's wedding to the man she loves is in one week, Melissa hopes that her long-time boyfriend plans to propose soon and Seema hopes that the friendship to Scott will change into a relationship. What they don't know is that in the next days their lifes will change in ways that nobody could predict.

Will they manage to handle the changes in their lifes and be there for each other?

When I bought "Wedding Fever" I expected a very light-hearted, entertaining and nice book, and that's exactly what I got. The book made me smile and laugh a lot. And when the story was finished, I was happy with how the relationships of the three friends had changed.

All three women were likable and witty. I enjoyed reading about their friendship, and loved that they were there for each other in times of crisis. They were honest to each other even though it was not always easy, and at the end of the book their friendship was better than ever.

I also liked reading about the men in their lifes, their three relationships were very different and maybe that's one of the reasons that the story never got boring. The story was told in turns by Nicole, Melissa and Seema, that way I got to know each woman closely.

Furthermore I enjoyed the story line with the little charms. At the beginning of the book each woman drew a good-luck charm hidden in a cake, and before they had prepared the cake to get the charm they wanted to. But then they drew different charms that they didn't want, and that made them think about their lifes and relationships. Btw, the  three charms are pictured on the book cover. 

final appraisal
Wedding Fever / There's cake in my future is a very light-hearted, nice and funny book. If you are looking for a book about three friends, their friendship and their relationships and want to be entertained, then this book could work for you.

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