01 November 2011

Review: Beka Cooper: Terrier - Tamora Pierce

Beka Cooper: Terrier by Tamora Pierce
fantasy, #1 in the Beka Cooper trilogy
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16 year old Beka Cooper is not like most girls. She can, in her own special way, communicate with the dead and she wants nothing more than being a cop. Growning up was hard and Beka learned early that you have to be smart and ruthless to survive. She spent her childhood in the Lower City, the most dangerous part of town, and wants to work as a cop there.
Her dreams come true when she finally starts her training as a young cop (aka a puppie). She is excited to learn all there is about being a cop (aka dog) and feels the need to bring justice. 
When she is partnered with two of the best dogs and when she stumbles into two dangerous investigations, she will need all of her strength, magic and the help of her friends to bring the bad guys behind bars.
"Terrier" by Tamora Pierce is the first book by the author I read and after finishing it I wonder why I waited so long. Because this book was great and makes me excited for more. 

Right from the start on I enjoyed the author's writing style, the book was easy to read even though the language was at times a bit different to our own. Pierce introduced new words, but it was never hard to understand their meaning. 
I especially liked how the cops and everything that has to do with them were being renamed with dog related things. Cops are dogs, trainess are puppies and the police building is a kennel. Even the name of the book fits to this way of naming things and descibes perfectly how Beka acted when she had a lead (just like a terrier with a bone).

I loved reading about Beka, her strength and need for justice were admirable. I liked that through the first person narration and Beka's journal entries I had the chance to really get to know her and I loved her voice. Beka's special kind of magic was both disturbing and interesting. I also enjoyed reading about all the dog business and the suspense & investigation parts of the books were thrilling. 

Not only the main character made this book so great, all of the supporting characters were also interesting. I liked reading about Beka's new friends, about her two dog trainers (aka police mentors) and all the people from the Lower City. Maybe the book could have been a bit shortened in the last two quarters, but still the story never got boring and left me with a graving for more.

BTW, the book is not only great but also dangerous. I a) stayed up way too late to read it and I b) nearly missed my train because I was so engrossed in the story. So be careful ;)

I like the motive because it fits to the story, but the coulour is not my favourite.

final appraisal
"Terrier" by Beka Cooper is a fantastic book and I can't wait to read more books by Tamora Pierce. Her engaging writing style, her interesting & strong characters and the fascinating world of Tortall made this book a real treat.
I would recommend this book to all readers who like fantasy novels with strong and interesting characters.

Beka Cooper series
1. Terrier (2006)
2. Bloodhound (2009)
3. Mastiff ( 2011)

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