04 October 2011

Too many social media connections?

Today's post is not directly about books but more on talking about books. In the last days I thought a lot about book blogging in general and about the social media sites I use. I felt like something was missing from blogging that made it less fun than before. I wondered if maybe I needed to change something on the blog, but then I realized that the problem wasn't blogging but the abundance of my social media activities. 

I realized that I spend too much time on social media sites like twitter and not enough time with reading books & visiting book blogs/vlogs. Don't get me wrong, I love talking with other readers on twitter and other sites. But I don't want it to be my primary source of contact. Because reading blogs and leaving comments is more fun to me than trying to write down things in less than 140 letters. There are some other, more personal things that bothered me in the last weeks when I visited certain social media sites and hopefully I will no longer encounter these things.  

And it's not only twitter. I also use goodreads, facebook, google+, and, and, and ... . I think that maybe the more social media platforms I use, the less I actually say because I always rush over things, comments and posts. So in the future I will limit my social media activity and concentrate on a few sites. And I will concentrate more on my blog/vlog, blogs by other readers, goodreads and on reading. Of course I will continue to visit twitter and fb because I have fun there and on these sites I can have great conversations with other people who love to read. But I will limit the time I spend on social media sites. 

Do you sometimes also feel like the more social media sites you use, the less you actually communicate with others? What are your solutions? 
And which sites are your favourites to talk with other readers and about books?


  1. I have been feeling like this since I 'discovered' Twitter about two months ago. It takes up a huge part of my time and can really distract me from reading... I'm not sure how to fix this yet, though when I have chunk of time free for reading, I just wait to check the new messages on Twitter until I finish a chapter :)

  2. I recently wrote about something close to that on my personal blog. So, I agree with you. I have a problem with the internet when it comes to that. We have every possibility to talk to eachother, but it often lacks the kind of depth you'd wish to have when talking to people who share something with you, in this case reading. :/

  3. I used to be on Facebook all the time before I started blogging and now things have literally turned around for me. I am now mostly in the blogosphere and only spend little time on FB or G+. I never ventured into Twitter-land which is probably a good thing.

    Are blogs enough for me? Not really. I do like those FB fan pages where you not only get the usual blog post links but the blogger will interact with readers more than it'd be possible on the blog itself - that encourages interaction and makes it a whole lot more personal.

  4. Good to know that I'm not the only one who feels this way.

    @ Birgit: I also like pages on FB, they are a great way to interact.

    @Patricia: Did you post in on Book Exhibitionism? Then I guess I missed it when you published it. Will go and read it now.

    @ Daisy: Twitter is really addicting!

  5. I have only just started Twittering, and still have to find out how Facebook works. More and more blogs are asking to advertise their give aways, so I decided to give it a try. Honestly, reading half a conversation is frustrating and makes me feel like a voyeur sometimes.

  6. @ Aurian; Exactly! I also have don't want to read private things by people I follow but don't really know.
    Let me know who you are on twitter and facebook and I will add you.

  7. Definitely! I concentrate on Twitter and not facebook. I check facebook only every few days. Blogs that I follow, I only read some of them in detail, the others I skim to see if there's anything of interest. Otherwise, I'd spend much too much time on all of it.

    Good luck with cutting down!

  8. I've definitely cut down on my twitter time. When I first started blogging I spent waaaay too much time on twitter chats!

  9. I agree that social networking sites can be really distracting and I have so many of them too! Twitter, Goodreads, Facebook, Tumblr. But I'm having fun with all of them so I don't think I'll give them up anytime soon. When I don't feel like checking out the sites, I skip them for a day or two. And I always go through my Google Reader instead of marking all as read so I can still comment in all of the posts that I'm interested in.

    I've discovered that when we don't have internet connection at home or there's a power outage, I get to read more. So social media really takes time away from reading but I guess I'm okay with that for now, it's not really that frustrating for me.

  10. This is the very thing that I've been afraid of with social media. I've been trying to preemptively limit my time spent with such resources. I'm still very much all about Goodreads and directly visiting other blogs, but I'm hoping not to get sucked into Twitter/FB/Google+/etc.

  11. I hate Facebook and don't have a page for my site, but I do have a personal page b/c so many of my friends and family are on it. I just seem to get so much junk through it.
    I've limited my blogging social media to Twitter (I've met some cool people and it's a great source of information), blogs I like to read, and Tumblr for a little bit of fun (and I've also found some great things through this site as well). I also use GoodReads and Library Thing, but that's mostly for record keeping and looking up info.
    I realized early on that I barely had enough time to blog and read the blogs I enjoy, so I limited the social media side to what was useful and enjoyable for me.

  12. I know I need to limit mine!!! It's gotten out of control... I notice I get LESS and LESS reading done every week!

  13. I definitely agree that there are way too many options for social media out there. I try to limit the amount of sites I join just because I don't want any unnecessary accounts under my name. I try to make sure that I will definitely use a site before I sign up.

    I'm on goodreads, facebook, and twitter mainly. I'm on library thing as well but I don't use it very much.

  14. My twitter name is xAurianx (forgot my facebook, but it has to be something with Aurian in it, same pic as everywhere).

  15. Sabrina, no. I have two blogs. One about books, one about.. well, about several things. So you haven't missed anything there. :)

  16. I have twitter, google+, goodreads, tumblr, and then I follow blogs on google reader.

    I tend not to feel that overwhelmed by these because, I just treat them as something I don't have to do. I just log on if I want to.

    google+, I log on very little. Less than once a week. I think it's because it's like FB and I really don't like FB.

    Goodreads I am trying to use more because it's really full of readers and that's who I want to talk to the most. I want to update more when I'm reading and such because it sparks conversations about books which I like.

    Tumblr I will look at once a day and I can get distracted by the pretty pictures, but I can walk away. Tumblr is a pretty bad timesuck! I like it though because I can sort of step out of the book blog world for a bit and see other interests there.

    twitter and google reader are what I go to the most, but even then, I have realized I can't keep up with it all. I just check it, see what people are saying in that window, reply if I see something interesting, or I don't. I'm not obligated to respond so I don't feel any pressure. And I also have created filters on these so I can zoom in on my favorite bloggers and see what they're up to. Otherwise it's very easy to just feel like you're in a sea of voices and you're drowning.




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