12 October 2011

Review: Awake at Dawn - C.C. Hunter

Awake at Dawn by C.C. Hunter
published October 11, 2011
paranormal YA, #2 in the Shadow Falls series
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After solving a few issues Kylie Galen is happy that she is at the Shadow Falls camp and hopes that her mom will allow her to stay for longer than a few weeks. Shadow Falls is a place for teens with paranormal abilities and Kylie is one of them. She feels at home with her new friends, but still doesn't know what she is and to which group she belongs to. So she tries her best to find out what exactly her paranormal abilities are. But it's not so easy especially because a ghost is trying to tell her something important and the relationship with Derek, the boy she is interested in, is very complicated.
Will Kylie be able to help the ghost and to get closer to the answer of what she is?

As soon as I started with the first pages of "Awake at Dawn" I knew that I would enjoy this book as much as "Born at Midnight", the first book in the series. The author's writing style, the fascinating and dangerous paranormal world she has created and her focus on relationships made reading this book so fantastic and left me craving for me.

It was easy to remember all the characters and what happened from the first book in the series and I think that's important when reading a series.

Kylie is once again a very likable heroine and I enjoyed discovering more about her paranormal abilities. I also enjoyed reading about all the new and old relationships she has. The ones with her new friends at the camp and also with her mom and dad(s). I loved that Kylie is not perfect, sometimes she does stupid things but you can count on her when it's important. I also enjoyed that all of the characters I met in the first book of the series are still the same, of course they have changed a bit but not too much.

The paranormal world C.C. Hunter has created is complicated and dangerous, at times it was not so easy to understand why people act in a certain way and what there goals are. Of course that made the story very interesting and thrilling. I'm excited to learn more about the world the series is set in and can't wait to learn more about Kylie's abilities, hopefully the secret surrounding them will be solved in book #3. 

The only thing I didn't like about "Awake at Dawn" was the love triangle, or to say it more correctly the possibility of it. I don't like love triangles at all and will never understand why they are so popular in young adult stories. Hopefully there will be a good solution to the situation in the next book. 

The cover is ok but in my opinion not great. The girl on it doesn't fit to the book and the characters. 

final appraisal
"Awake at Dawn" is a fantastic second book in the Shadow Falls series and it's just as great as the first book. The story, the paranormal elements and the characters are fascinating and I love that C.C. Hunter focuses again on the relationships of her characters. This paranormal series is a superb one from the young adult section and I would recommend it to all readers (adult and young adult). 

Shadow Falls series
1. Born at Midnight - my review
2. Awake at Dawn
3. Taken at Dusk

For more info on the author and her books go to http://www.cchunterbooks.com/


  1. You are intriguing me with this series. Does she finds out what she is in the end?

  2. @ Aurian: I hope so! At the end of book 2 it's still unclear but of course I have some ideas about what she is.

  3. I've really been looking forward to this book and can't wait for it to finally get to Dubai. I enjoyed book 1 so much and when I originally thought I wouldn't. I'm not a fan of love triangles either and while I think this one makes sense for the story I hope that it will be concluded quickly.

    And while I never jump on teams, I must admit that I'm totally Team Lucas. :)




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