24 October 2011

Review: Angel Fire - L.A. Weatherly

Angel Fire (UK version) by L.A. Weatherly
published October 2011
#2 in the paranormal Angel trilogy (YA)
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Alex and Willow are on the run and looking for a place to set up a new Angel Killer camp. But then Willow has a dream about something special happening in Mexico City and so that's where they decide to go. When they arrive in the city they met a small group of Angel Killers and gladly join them. Soon Alex becomes the new leader but still the team members have a hard time with accepting that Willow is a half-angel. Shortly after their arrival in Mexico City Willow meets Seb, who turns out to be another half-angel. Seb has been searching for Willow for a long time and they have an instant close connection. Seb is interested in more than just friendship but Willow is sure of her love for Alex. Still soon there starts to be tension and jealousy between Alex and Willow. 
Added to this the Angel Killers believe to soon have a chance to finally kill all angels. They have information about the angel council and that if they will manage to kill the council, all of the other angels will also die. So there are training and planning for this chance to finally save humanity. 
Will they achieve their goals and will Willow & Alex find a way to be happy?

"Angel Fire", the second book in the Angel series, was just as entertaining, engagingly written and thrilling as the first book in the series. The story and the characters once again managed to capture my interest and I can't wait to read the final book in this fantastic paranormal series. 

I loved learning more about the angels and how their are organized, I also enjoyed reading about the power plays that were going on between the angels. Raziel (Willow's father) was once again evil and some of the things he did suprised me. I think L.A. Weatherly created a very clever new plot for this book and she managed to keep me on my toes. 

Once again I loved reading about Willow & Alex and their wonderful relationship. I liked that they were always trying to get close to each other. I also liked reading about Seb even though he brought some issues to Willow and Alex's relationship. The triangle situation never annoyed me because it was no real love triangle thing, it was more like a understanding that there are different kinds of love thing (I know, that sounds weird :) ). I was happy with how the relationship between Alex and Willow was at the end of this book and I'm super excited to read more about it. 

Seb was a very interesting character, I admired that he did everything to make Willow happy, even though it hurt his own feelings at times. I hope to read more of him in the last book of the series and also hope that he will get a chance for a happy life. 

Book #3 in the series will be out in October 2012 (hate waiting wait so long) and I hope that it will give the series a great and happy ending. I really hope that especially Willow, Alex and Seb will survive the big fight against the angels (I'm guessing that there will be a big fight) and that they will have a chance for a beautiful future. 

I hate the cover and especially the emo look of it which of course doesn't fit to the story or characters at all. The book deserves a more appealing cover.

final appraisal
I pretty much enjoyed everything (besides the cover) about this thrilling and very entertaining book. I loved reading about the three main characters and their relationships. Plus I loved learning more about the angels and their organization. The ending of the book is a bit shocking (but there's no cliffhanger) and I can't wait to read how the story will go on and end.

Angel series
1. Angel / Angel Burn - my review
2. Angel Fire (October 2011 UK, December 2011 USA)
3. Angel Fever (October 2012)

for more info on the books and the author got to http://www.usborne.com/angel/

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