13 September 2011

Review: A weekend with Mr Darcy - Victoria Connelly

A weekend with Mr Darcy by Victoria Connelly
published 2010
contemporary romance
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A weekend surrounded by other Janeites, readers who enthusiastically admire Jane Austen and her novels, sounds perfect for both Dr. Katherine Roberts and Robyn Love. Both adore Jane Austen but outside of the her books they don't have a lot of romance in their lives. Katherine is single and not interested in men right now and Robyn is in a relationship that's no longer making her happy. What will happen when both realize that this weekend has more in store for them then just meeting other Janeites and how will they handle falling in love?

"A weekend with Mr Darcy" turned out exactly as I expected it to be, the book was very charming with lovely characters and I had a lot of fun while reading the story.

Both Katherine and Robyn were very likable main characters and it was great to read about them and their different lifes. I also liked reading about the men they fell in love with and especially Katherine's love story was very entertaining. Her love interest is an author who's writing historical romances under a female pen name and I liked how his two lives in the end became one. Of course there was some trouble that both pairs had to overcome but nothing too dramatic or over the top, all in all the story was very light-hearted. The story was a bit predictable but that's not something that bothered me.

I loved how enthusiastic the Janeites were about Jane Austen and her novels, I learned some new facts about the author's life and her wonderful books and that made me happy. Even though I'm not a Janeite spending a weekend like it's described in the book sounds wonderful to me, especially if I would also be able to attend the "Undress Mr Darcy" event. :)

The setting at Purley Hall was very charming and beautiful, I could see the house and all of its lovely rooms in my mind. Another plus of the book was Victoria Connelly's writing style, it's very engaging and made reading the book both entertaining and relaxing. 

I like the cover, the colours look nice and the motive is charming. 

final appraisal
Lovely, charming, entertaining and beautiful - that's the way I would describe "A weekend with Mr Darcy" with four adjectives. This book made me smile a lot and I was relaxed while reading it. Victoria Connelly's way with words and her characters make me excited to read more books by her.


  1. I really liked A weekend with Mr. Darcy also. This was my first Victoria Connolly book and I was not disappointed. Have you read any of her other books?

  2. @ Marcie: So far it's my only book but I plan to read more soon.

  3. Hello Sabrina - thank you so much for you kind review. I'm delighted that you enjoyed the book so much - it was certainly fun to write!

    I see you're in Germany. My first three books were published in German and the first (Unter deinem Stern) was made into a film.

    Happy reading!

  4. @ Victoria: Thanks for the visit.

    I read that your first books were published here in Germany, I will definitely check them out.

  5. This sounds like the perfect vacation read, I'll have to keep this in mind. I've seen a slew of Austin inspired books, normally the main character goes back in time or into the book and falls for the real Mr. Darcy (there was even one where Jane A. was a vampire). Those just seem a bit odd. This is the first book of that type that sounds interesting.

  6. @ Jennifer: I was quiet happy that this was not a Jane Austen retelling, I like those but recently they seem to be everywhere. I should get a new retelling Pride & Prejudice meets a rock band this week and I hope that this book will work better for me than the last two retellings I read.

  7. I love P&P but am not a big Jane Austen fan, so cannot really imagine an event like this. But sure, it could be fun. Thanks for the review, as it could also be seen as just a fun light romance.




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