23 September 2011

Review: New York to Dallas - J.D. Robb

New York to Dallas by J.D. Robb
published September 2011
#33 in the In Death series
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start reading the series with "Naked in Death"

When an evil rapist manages to break out from prison, Eve knows that she has to capture him as soon as possible. Years ago Eve, when she was a rookie cop, was the reason Isaac McQueen was sent to prison. Now the man who once had 22 young, innocent girls in his capture wants revenge on the woman who ended his evil doing.
When McQueen appears in Dallas and abducts one of his former victims, Eve has to face her nightmares and go to Dallas herself. But she has no idea that there she will learn a shocking secret from her past. 

"New York to Dallas" is one of the books I was most excited to read in 2011. Ever since reading the synopsis of it I was sure that this story would be very emotional and extraordinary. And I was right.

This book has everything I want from a book in the In Death series. You get a thrilling investigation, an evil rapist who's best described as a monster, you have an emotional and heart-breaking discovery regarding Eve's past and you have the focus on the wonderful relationship between Eve and Roarke.

I liked that the focus in this book was on Eve and Roarke. I always love reading the scenes in which they appear together and this time they both showed that in the last years they have formed a true partnership. I adored that they always try to make sure that the other is safe and ok, I can't get enough of reading about them and it's amazing that I feel this way after 33 books in the series.

I think that the shocking reveal (and no I'm not telling you what it is) might even help Eve to overcome what happened to her and to move on. It was beautiful when she realized that New York, their house there and all of her friends are like a real family for her.

Even though the bad guy in "New york to Dallas" is very evil the book wasn't too dark. You have some very funny scenes when Eve tries to understand why people in Dallas are so friendly and talkative, Eve definitely prefers the people in New York. And you have some cute scenes with Galahad and Summerset. 

I love the Uk cover, it's kick-ass and fit's perfectly to Eve and the story.

final appraisal
"New York to Dallas" is as great, thrilling and shocking as I expected it to be. This is a must for every In Death fan and I just can't get enough of Eve, Roarke and the others. This book was a great mix of a fascinating investigation and a journey into Eve's past. I loved that the book is not all sad or dark, there are enough light & funny scenes to compensate what's going on with the evil rapist. 
I would recommend this book to all fans of the In Death - series and if you haven't read a book in the series yet, then run and get "Naked in Death", #1 in the series. 


  1. I think I first saw this on Aurian's blog and I'm interested, but that's a huge series. She recommends that I read them in order because of the evolving relationship. And now your review has me even more intrigued. Is it worth going through 33 books to get to this one?

  2. @Jennifer: I would say YES! My sister read all of the books in the last six months and now she's a big fan.
    Just read the first book "Naked in Death" and then you should know if the series works for you.

  3. Well, I'm happy you loved it as well! :D Like I already mentioned before, for me it was definitely in the Top 3 of this series and, as you said, I loved that this book really concentrated on Eve and Roarke. I loved "Treachery in Death" with it's focus on Eve's other (friendly) relationships as well, but I think it was time for a few more Eve-and-Roarke scenes.
    The only thing I have to say is that the "shocking reveal" ended on a bit of an unsatisfying note and I hope that Eve, with help from Roarke, will further work through it in the future books. Cause to me it just doesn't feel finished, even considering how the whole thing ended (sorry for the confusing wording, but I'm trying to keep this spoiler-free ^.^).
    One of the other strong points of this book was the villain. He was totally convincing and gave me the creeps.
    And yeah... Eve's reaction to Dallas was just hilarious xDDD

    So now I'm looking forward to the next book and hoping to see more of Baxter, Trueheart and Morris, since they are my favorite secondary characters :]

  4. Ok, I'll keep my eye out for book 1, thanks Sabrina.

  5. You won't regret it Jennifer, it really is a series worth your reading time.
    Lovely review Jennifer, and difficult not to spoil anything in your enhusiasm. I loved the bit where Eve has to go shopping for boots for Peabody, and Roarke invents other things for the rest of the team.

  6. @ Aurian. Yay, that scene was great.

    @ Schenni: I actually expected something like the shocking reveal but still I was sad for Eve because her whole family is just so horrible.




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