06 September 2011

Review: Crazy Sweet - Tara Janzen

Crazy Sweet by Tara Janzen
published 2006
#6 in the Steel Street series
romantic suspense
bought my copy

Since the day Gillian Pentycote was captured and changed through a dangerous drug, she has had only one thought: get revenge on the man who destroyed who she was before. She is no longer shy Gillian but strong and ruthless Red Dog for whom no mission is too dangerous. Red Dog knows that she will never get her old life back but she still want's revenge. For her the waiting to take down her enemy is finally over and she prepares herself for the final showdown. And even though she might be in love with Travis James and the team of Steele Street stands behind her, she feels that getting her revenge is more important than relationships. 
Will Gillian get her revenge and will she be able to be happy again?

I had this book in my to be read pile for several years (at least three) and now I want to kick myself for not reading it sooner because I enjoyed "Crazy Sweet" a lot. The book was fast-paced, thrilling and never got boring. 
I loved meeting the members of Steele Street again and it was great to read more about them. Gilian and Travis were awesome main characters and their relationship managed to suprise me. I didn't think that I would be so touched by their relationship and by what was going on between them. Both are strong characters who can kick ass and especially Gillian does so regularly.

Gillian aka Red Dog was a fascinating character because of how she dealt with what happened to her. To read about her strong & complicated feelings, her pain and especially the fear she had to live with was at times heartbreaking. At the end of the book I could understand why Gillian did a few things she shouldn't have done and was even ok with something she did in regards to her relationship with Travis. She did something that is normally a no-go for me but I could understand her motivation because Tara Janzen managed to make Gillian seem like a real person.

Travis was pretty much perfect. He was strong, willing to do everything he could for Gillian but he was no pushover. The way he handled what happened between Gillian and him was amazing and made me cry a bit. I loved how their relationship had changed (for the better) towards the end of the book and was truly happy for them. 

I like that the cover fits to the other books in the series and that it's an eyecatcher.

final apraisal
"Crazy Sweet" is funny, very entertaining, fast-paced and thrilling. The two main characters and their relationship was always interesting and I especially loved the end of the book. 
I would recommend this book and the whole series to all readers who like entertaining romantic suspense books that aren't too dark. 


  1. I read (and loved) the whole series - except this one - because someone warned me about the no-go you mentioned and it's just something I can't get over and I know it would ruin the whole book for me. It's really sad because I love Travis - the "old" and "new" Travis (if you know what I mean). I REALLY wished for him to get a woman who truly loved him (Red Dog might be that person, but he doesn't deserve what she did).
    You also said that, in the end, you were okay with some of the things she did - considering Tara Janzen's talent that's understandable - but the thing is, I don't want to be okay with something like that and I'm afraid Tara could even convince me. So I'll avoid this one with a heavy heart.

  2. @ Schennie: I was very suprised that I was ok with what happened but because I could understand Gillian's fear and how it tormented her every day I understood why she did what she did.
    At the end of the book she changed and would never do something like it again, I think at the end she was finally the woman Travis deserves and she realized that Travis is more important than anything else in her life.

    But I can understand your feelings because normally something like what happened is a big fat no-go for me.

  3. Thanks for bringing this author to my attention again Sabrina. I have bought some new romantic suspense authors lately, and I will put her on the next list.

  4. @ Aurian: That's great to hear!




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