15 August 2011

Review: Guardian of the Gate - Michelle Zink

Guardian of the Gate by Michelle Zink
published August 2010
#2 in the Prophecy of the Sisters series
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gothic fantasy YA
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In the last eight months Lia, Sonia and their allies worked hard to solve the meaning of the Prophecy and to find a way to stop it for good. But they still don't know that much. And Alice, Lia's twin sister, is getting stronger and stronger while Lia only slowly strengthens her powers. 
A journey to Altus, the home of the Sisters and Brothers, is the point where things begin to change. Lia meets mysterious and attractive Dimitri and discovers that there is a traitor close to her. 
Will Lia and her friends manage to find the missing pages of the Prophecy before their enemy does? And will Lia let a new man into her life?

"Guardian of the Gate" starts eights months after "Prophecy of the Sisters" ended. Lia and the others are still trying to solve the mystery surrounding the Prophecy but have trouble with it. This book is written in the same thrilling but yet relaxing writing style as book #1 in the series and I think if you enjoyed #1 you should love #2. 

I don't want to give away too much info about what happens in this story, but I can tell you that the new developments were fantastic and fit to the story of the first book.

Lia is going through some rough times in this book, she has to deal with a traitor and with the pull of the evil side. And she has to deal with what Alice is doing. I loved that Michelle Zink didn't make Lia super perfect and always nice. She's like a real person, she has flaws and makes mistakes. Lia carries a huge responsibility and she has her own way to deal with it. Her way might sometimes seem a bit cold or even arrogant to others but in the end it's the only way she can handle her role.

One new development I loved is that Lia is meeting a new man named Dimitri and he made me swoon. He's brave, honest and not shy about showing his feelings. In my opinion he was pretty perfect and just what Lia needed.

I enjyoed that Michelle Zink took care with the secondary characters, they are interesting and not just there to fill some pages of the book. I liked learning more about Sonia, Luisa and Edmund. All three are important to Lia, but especially the relationship between Lia and the two other girls was not always so easy. Alice still is a bit of a mystery after this book and I think she will stay this way right until the end.

I think this book was a great one because it gave more depth to the characters and continued with the story in a fascinating way. I'm excited to read how (not if in my opinion) Lia will end the Prophecy and what will happen to the other characters. 

I love the cover, it's gorgeous.

final appraisal
"Guardian of the Gate" is a great addition to the Prophecy of the Sisters - series. The new story developments were thrilling and I loved learning more about Lia, Alice and the others. The new characters like Dimitri (swoon) were brilliant and I can't wait to read the final book in the series. 
If you are interested in the series I would recommend to start with book #1 because otherwise you will miss too much of the background story. 

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